the blue chair

I have a thing for chairs.  I like to get them from Goodwill and paint them.  It's become a bit of a problem.  My husband even asked me recently to stop.  I guess no more Goodwill chairs for a while, but at least I have my favorite chair to use everyday while I sew.  This is the chair that inspired my blog name.  It was a pretty sad little Goodwill find, but sturdy.  He definitely had some potential, but needed a lot of love.

Super ugly, disgusting vinyl that I ripped off almost immediately.
Lots of wood filler was required. 
After a lot of love and paint.
My paint is Pacific Sea Teal by Bear from Home Depot.  I used the paint with the primer and it went on great.
 The seat fabric is Tufted Tweets in grass by Laurie Wisburn.  To provide extra support for the light-weight fabric, I fused it to a heavy twill with Heat and Bond Ultra.  I used high density foam for the cushion.  I sit in this thing a lot and wanted it very comfy.
I really love my little chair.  It makes me happy every time I use it.