Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Waxed Canvas Bags

I ventured into using waxed canvas recently. I've seen various bags on Instagram made with waxed canvas and have been meaning to try it out. In fact I purchased a swatch kit about two years ago from an Etsy shop, and it's taken me this long to finally commit and try it out.

The main project that started all of this was a new camera bag. I wanted a purse-like camera bag that wasn't obviously a camera bag. I wanted it just big enough to hold my camera and perhaps one additional lens. I opted to buy an insert from Amazon that would be transferable between purses, but I also wanted one tailored more toward ease of carrying. A messenger bag is perfect.

I started with my old Messenger Bag Tutorial from a few years back. I changed it up quite a bit as I wanted a contrasting base and wanted to change up the exterior pockets. I was no longer in love with how I designed them initially.

I made them higher than in the original design. Rather than adding piping, I simply rolled the lining to lay slightly higher than the exterior fabric before top-stitching. It saved so much time, but still has the appearance and contrast detail of piping.

The more you work with the waxed canvas, the more distressed it looks. This was exactly what I was going for with this bag.

The one thing I regret with this bag was the pockets. Because I made this bag with the intent of using the camera insert, I skimped a bit on pockets. I also didn't include a zipper pocket. I changed that on the next two bags I've made using this same design.

Here it is with the camera insert. It slips in easily with a few extra inches on the side for my wallet and other necessities.

When I placed my fabric order for my first bag, I didn't plan well on how much fabric I needed and ordered too much. What's a girl to do with too much fabric...well, make another bag of course! This bag is essentially just a very large pouch with handles. I used similar dimensions to a Trader Joes bag, but with a zipper across the top. 

I also tried leather handles with rivets for the first time. I love, love, love the look of leather handles!

I opted not to put any pockets on this bag. It's meant to be a simple tote to keep in the car for library runs, or a small trip to the store.

Then I received a custom order and made another...

And then I received another custom order. I think this one is my favorite of the three!

Supply Sources:
Waxed Fabric: A.L. Frances Textiles
Rivets: Minkus Margo
Leather Handles: Local Tandy Leather