Monday, December 7, 2015

Katie Jump Rope-- My love affair with a fabric line

Is there one particular line of fabric that you have always adored? For me it was Katie Jump Rope. Unfortunately, it came out about a year before I started quilting. I was able to get my hands a few prints before it was entirely gone, but I have never been willing to pay the exorbitant mark ups. I would use the few pieces I have sparingly, scattered through various projects, but always horded them a bit.

When it was announced that there were be a Katie Jump Rope reprint, I was instantly on board. Although, when I actually had the chance to buy it I wasn't sure I was still in love with it. Do you ever have that experience--you desperately want something until you can have it, and then you aren't so sure? Considering I haven't been sewing nearly as much lately, I really thought this purchase through. Do I really want it? I asked myself this question so many times. I have tried to be much less frivolous with my fabric purchases--only buying something if I have a specific need for a project. 

When Pink Castle Fabrics had 20% everything the weekend after Thanksgiving, I decided to splurge. I've liked this line for eight years and have loved pretty much every project I've ever seen made with it. 

It arrived today! It's really pretty. I'm glad I splurged. 

The only thing I'm sad about is the fact that they took away some of the really great colored prints prints. I think the reprint is a bit too heavy on the brown. I intended to make a quilt with only the KJR prints, but I'll likely incorporate some other DS prints into the mix to add more color. I feel like it especially needs more red and orange. 

I still have about a FQ of this print from the original line which will certainly work it's way into my quilt. This was one of my absolute favorite red prints ever. I'm sad this one didn't make the cut for the reprint. 

I've missed sewing, and it's fun to be back with a project! I've decided to make this lovely stack of fabrics into a quilt using the Shimmer pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew. I think it will be the perfect compliment for these prints!


  1. I was so excited to see this reprint too!

  2. I agree that red print would have been a good one to bring back as well

  3. It looks like you found the perfect way to use these wonderful fabrics Kati.