Monday, June 22, 2015

The No-Good, Very Bad Sewing Month

Remember how I'm a quilting blogger? Yeah, I forgot too...

June has actually been quite a rough sewing month around here. I forgot how little I accomplish in my life when my kiddos are home all day from school. When they sleep I have been working on a quilt and pattern that will be coming out next spring. I'm so excited about this one! I can't wait to share it down the road. This means that I have very little else to share lately. All my excess time and energy (of which there has been little), has been devoted to this quilt.

On to the "No Good, Very Bad Sewing Month":

First there was this:

My daughter was working on a bead bracelet at my sewing desk (alone and without asking permission to be in my sewing room). A bead rolled innocently under my sewing machine. To get it out she started to push my machine. She kept pushing and it eventually fell off the desk. See that little crack in the touchscreen in the bottom right corner? That little crack has made it next to impossible to use my machine. The touch screen no longer works. With the touch screen dead, I can't adjust any settings on my machine. Nearly everything is controlled by that screen (tension, feed dogs, needle position, stitch length, stitch design, etc). I can't change anything. I've decided it's not worth repairing, so now I'm in the market for a new machine. It's been so discouraging to lose my machine mid-project. It does start up into a basic straight stitch that I use for piecing, so I was luckily able to finish piecing my current project. The tension goes crazy when I sew fast and there are some other issues internally, but I babied it along to make it through this quilt.

Then there was this:

Make sure you watch where your rotary cutter is headed! I looked up at my son when he asked me a question and my cutter jumped the ruler edge and left a nice little slice in my finger. Luckily it has healed up nicely. I pulled out my own stitches the other evening and am glad to have them out.

In some ways I feel like the universe has been trying to tell me something. I haven't been motivated to sew much in recent months. Sometimes I miss it, but sometimes I feel like I need to stop sewing. I've debated if I should just move on and not replace my machine. I have my small starter machine that works fine for little projects and repairs, but would drive me bonkers to use on a quilt or large project. In the end I know I can't let it go completely. I need to replace my machine.

I do very little to monetize my blog anymore. I'll be raising funds for a new machine in a few other ways.