Friday, April 24, 2015

On the Design Wall

I haven't shared the contents of my design wall for a long time. This one is almost done! After finishing my Sparkle Punch quilt I decided to pull out a WIP that has been sitting in a box for a while. I started this project more than a year ago for the Michael Miller Challenge through the Modern Quilt Guild. Obviously, I didn't finish in time. I wasn't really that interested in the competition this time. I just wanted to make something with equilateral triangles. I have to finish piecing the top three rows, and then I'm done! I will likely piece a simple back for this one. I want to use up all my leftovers and will incorporate them into the design.

The whole quilt was based around this embroidery project. I needed a summer roadtrip project last year and started this. I traced the design from the large scale print from this line. I chose matching colors and just started stitching. I debated actually including it in the quilt, but knew it would just get put in a box otherwise, so it is placed in the bottom right corner where I often place something unique in my quilt designs.

So close!

Have a wonderful weekend!