Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Minnie Skirts

We went to Disneyland! We've been talking about it for a year, and finally decided to go in January. Originally we intended to go the last week of January, but opted to move our trip up a couple weeks for multiple reasons. Because of this I had exactly five days to prepare for our trip once we actually decided and made hotel reservations. Of course in those five days I had to fit in Minnie skirts!

I used the Circle Skirt tutorial from Made. After cutting my red print fabric, I used the same pattern to cut four circles of tulle as an underskirt for each dress. This is what gave the skirts a great poof-factor. My girls loved twirling in them. When cutting the tulle, I eyeballed it at about 1 1/2" longer than the pattern because I wanted it to peek out from under the red fabric. After washing the tulle scrunched up a bit as you can see in the picture above, but still works and peeks out a bit when worn.

I tried out my new rolled-hem foot. It worked like a charm! I still need a bit more practice as I noticed a few spots I didn't turn under completely and unraveled a bit when washed, but overall it went great.

Success! They wore them and loved them! Definitely worth the effort before heading south to the "Happiest Place On Earth". 


  1. So cute....they really have the Aaaahhhh factor!.(the skirts and the children)
    I'm from the UK and we have been to Disneyland several times. The children even wanted to go in the year that daughter was 21 and son was 18, instead of having parties!!! AND they asked if Grandma could come too !!!! I like it best at Halloween, it really is magical!! x

  2. Just adorable. I don't really think there are any age limits for Disneyland. As I recall, I was about 30 the first time I went and I loved every minute of it. It must be really enchanting from a child's point of view - especially with Goofy hugs. :D

  3. Adorable!! (Hope those are the only spots you see connected to Disneyland! ;) )