Monday, February 2, 2015

2014 in Review

I always like to look back and see what I've accomplished over the past year. Sure it's February, and I'm finally getting around to this, but better late than never...

As with pretty much of the rest of the blogging world, I've slowed down this past year. Partly because I'm struggling finding the time to sit down and write up posts, and partly because my motivation for this blog has changed. I've been thinking a lot lately about where I want to go with this project and what I want it to become (or not become). Reevaluation is always a good thing.

My quilts for the year:

Many of my quilts were smaller baby quilts, which was at times a nice change. It's fun to finish a project more quickly. Although I did make two of my very favorite quilts ever this year: The Metro Twist Quilt and my Woven quilt for Scraps Inc.

In addition to quilts, I created many small projects this past year. I made more Sew Together Bags than I can remember as well as many other bags and some clothing for my kiddos. These smaller projects were much more realistic for my time available this year and still offered me the chance to sew and create something fun.

I really thought I accomplished very little over the past year. Reviewing these past posts was a great exercise for me to help me remember all projects I made in 2014. The majority of these items have been gifted and live in new homes now, which makes me happy. It was a good year. I'm excited to see what 2015 will bring!


  1. Nice to see your blog again. I agree that a lot of people seem to have slowed down on their blogging and that makes me sad as I only follow my very favorites and you are one of them. To be fair, I've slowed down, too and I don't even have a blog. lol

  2. I've missed you and am glad you did a year in review. It reminded me of several things I wanted to make from your list of bags and small quilts. I understand about not having time to put together posts for the blog, but I hope you continue yours even if it is slowed down.

  3. Nice post. I wanted to make from your list of bags and small quilts. Thanks for sharing this blog. Mid Century Digest provides Midcentury Modern Furniture.

  4. You had a beautiful year. I enjoy the time you take to share and connect here, but I hope you will find a practice that works for you.

  5. So many beautiful projects.....I've slowed down as well this year, sometimes life just takes over. Leanne is right you have to find what works for you, but I always enjoy your posts as well.