Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sewtopia Projects: Bags

Sewtopia was a month ago, and I'm finally getting around to posting about my projects I worked on and completed while there. I particularly enjoyed Sewtopia because there was very little structure. I was able to have huge blocks of time to just sew--something I get so rarely. I was thrilled with how much I got done. I finished piecing three quilt tops and completed four bags. I've already shared my Metro Twist quilt. Today I'm sharing pictures of my completed bags.

My Sewtopia accomplishments:

First off I made a clutch purse. I made one at Sewing Summit a few years ago, but wanted to try it again. I used an 3" x 8" frame and followed the pattern by Diane from Random Thoughts...do or die. Although I knew I could probably wing this one and figure out the sizing, I opted for a pattern. It's really nice having someone else take the guess work out of a project like this. I love how it turned out. I used Velveteen from Anna Maria Horner. It makes is so classy. I'll be making more.

I used grey Essex linen for the lining. 

And then there were yet more Sew Together Bags. Several months back I wasn't in the mood for sewing and instead took that time to cut out nine Sew Together Bags. It was a perfect project to take to the retreat! I had all the pieces prepped and ready to go. All the pieces, even the zippers, were together and ready in a Ziploc bag together. I grabbed three and completed each of them. It took all the stress out of holiday teacher gifts this year.

My son's teacher loves pink. I hope this isn't too pink! This fabric is very bright.

Teacher gifts--checked off the list!


  1. I have made 19 Sewtogether bags and I so enjoy picking out all of the fabrics. I wish I had 100 zippers at my fingertips because that's the part that slows me down. They are so much cuter with colored zips. Great job!

  2. Those Sew Together Bags are absolutely AWESOME!! I sure wish I had time to make some for gifts and more importantly one for ME. I love that kind of bag with lots of zippers and bright colors. Of course, I have not mastered putting zippers into anything, but this would give me lots of practice, right. They are some lucky teachers for sure..

  3. Oh wow, so cute bags! I love all your colour choices. I wish I could order one from you... And to have a zip-loc bag with all the pieces ready to sew. How cool is that. That's a sewing 'low' well used!

  4. I love your bags! Could you tell me what fabric line you used that has the round type numbers and petals? I love it! Thanks, Kati! I love your new picture too!