Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sewtopia Projects: Baby Quilts

I pulled out two partially finished baby quilts that have been sitting in boxes for too long. I took them to Sewtopia with the intent to piece the tops and clear out a couple WIPs. There was no final destination for these, and now that they are finished, they are sitting in a pile. They aren't the most impressive quilts I've ever made, but there is something very enjoyable about finishing WIPs that have been sitting around.

I made this hexagon baby quilt from my sample pieces I used when teaching hexagons at Sewing Summit a couple of years ago. They have been sitting in a box since that time. I've almost thrown them away or destashed them several times. After much debate I finally decided to piece them into a small quilt. I cut additional white hexagons and added the border to increase the size.

The backing is pieced rows of the remaining fabrics. 

 I piece my hexagon quilts slightly different from the way I've seen it taught elsewhere. I have tutorials sharing my process: Hexagons Part 1, Hexagons Part 2

I quilted it with an all-over loopy design. I quilted it a bit heavy in order to tack down all the seams. The finished size is about 38" x 40".

This pinwheel quilt is the second half of my Vintage Star baby quilt.  Because I wanted each triangle of the previous quilt different, I was left with 16 remaining triangles to use in a new project. This quilt design was the result of a mistake. I intended to make a second vintage star quilt, but sewed all my color triangles to white fabric without thinking of the actual design. Rather than unpicking, I decided to go with a pinwheel. I actually love that they are different now. Wouldn't they be perfect for a set of twins? Identical fabric, with a different arrangement works perfectly.

I also quilted this project with an all-over loopy design, but on a far larger scale. Because this quilt has fewer seams, I simply needed to keep the quilt together. I prefer less quilting on baby quilts. They seem too stiff with dense quilting.

The colors for the quilt were chosen from this flannel I used for the backing. It's been put away for a while and needed to be used.

The finished size is 38" x 38".


  1. Both quilts are lovely. I especially like the pinwheel design and color scheme. Haven't tried either but feel inspired now. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Thanks for posting the link to your hexagon tutorials. It makes perfect sense so now maybe I will pull out my unfinished hexagon project and get it done.

  3. Beautiful hexagon quilt. What is the finished size of each hexie please? Many thanks for sharing!

  4. I like both of your quilts. I've done a pinwheel baby quilt and they always turn out so cute. Thanks for the link to your tut too.

  5. Lovely quilts indeed, thank goodness you didn't toss the hexagons!