Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sewtopia Projects: Baby Quilts

I pulled out two partially finished baby quilts that have been sitting in boxes for too long. I took them to Sewtopia with the intent to piece the tops and clear out a couple WIPs. There was no final destination for these, and now that they are finished, they are sitting in a pile. They aren't the most impressive quilts I've ever made, but there is something very enjoyable about finishing WIPs that have been sitting around.

I made this hexagon baby quilt from my sample pieces I used when teaching hexagons at Sewing Summit a couple of years ago. They have been sitting in a box since that time. I've almost thrown them away or destashed them several times. After much debate I finally decided to piece them into a small quilt. I cut additional white hexagons and added the border to increase the size.

The backing is pieced rows of the remaining fabrics. 

 I piece my hexagon quilts slightly different from the way I've seen it taught elsewhere. I have tutorials sharing my process: Hexagons Part 1, Hexagons Part 2

I quilted it with an all-over loopy design. I quilted it a bit heavy in order to tack down all the seams. The finished size is about 38" x 40".

This pinwheel quilt is the second half of my Vintage Star baby quilt.  Because I wanted each triangle of the previous quilt different, I was left with 16 remaining triangles to use in a new project. This quilt design was the result of a mistake. I intended to make a second vintage star quilt, but sewed all my color triangles to white fabric without thinking of the actual design. Rather than unpicking, I decided to go with a pinwheel. I actually love that they are different now. Wouldn't they be perfect for a set of twins? Identical fabric, with a different arrangement works perfectly.

I also quilted this project with an all-over loopy design, but on a far larger scale. Because this quilt has fewer seams, I simply needed to keep the quilt together. I prefer less quilting on baby quilts. They seem too stiff with dense quilting.

The colors for the quilt were chosen from this flannel I used for the backing. It's been put away for a while and needed to be used.

The finished size is 38" x 38".

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sewtopia Projects: Bags

Sewtopia was a month ago, and I'm finally getting around to posting about my projects I worked on and completed while there. I particularly enjoyed Sewtopia because there was very little structure. I was able to have huge blocks of time to just sew--something I get so rarely. I was thrilled with how much I got done. I finished piecing three quilt tops and completed four bags. I've already shared my Metro Twist quilt. Today I'm sharing pictures of my completed bags.

My Sewtopia accomplishments:

First off I made a clutch purse. I made one at Sewing Summit a few years ago, but wanted to try it again. I used an 3" x 8" frame and followed the pattern by Diane from Random or die. Although I knew I could probably wing this one and figure out the sizing, I opted for a pattern. It's really nice having someone else take the guess work out of a project like this. I love how it turned out. I used Velveteen from Anna Maria Horner. It makes is so classy. I'll be making more.

I used grey Essex linen for the lining. 

And then there were yet more Sew Together Bags. Several months back I wasn't in the mood for sewing and instead took that time to cut out nine Sew Together Bags. It was a perfect project to take to the retreat! I had all the pieces prepped and ready to go. All the pieces, even the zippers, were together and ready in a Ziploc bag together. I grabbed three and completed each of them. It took all the stress out of holiday teacher gifts this year.

My son's teacher loves pink. I hope this isn't too pink! This fabric is very bright.

Teacher gifts--checked off the list!