Friday, August 8, 2014

My Quilting Bucket List

Lately my motivation to sew has been next-to-none. In fact I don't think I've sat down to my machine in almost a month. Summer does that to me. I also haven't had any amazing new ideas either. As I result I haven't felt inspired to create much. Several patterns have popped up recently (and not so recently) that do make me want to sew again. I rarely sew with patterns, but I am thinking I might break down and try one of these once the kiddos start school again in a few weeks.

Here are the ones I've been eyeing lately:

Celestial Star: Diane at from blank pages

Diane is having a very intense QAL on her blog in conjunction with this pattern release. Everything you could ever want/need to know about paper piecing, you can learn from her posts. I am amazed by what she is putting together over there. On top of it, her design is just beautiful. I'm not sure I have it in me to actually paper piece an entire quilt from this pattern, but I really want to. It's beautiful. I purchased the pattern a couple weeks ago. Now I just need to commit.

This post on color and design and this post on fabric selection are particularly great to start out the QAL. Diane designed the layout below. As soon as I saw it I loved it. Then I noticed she mentioned in her comments that she thought I or Faith from Fresh Lemons would like it. I guess she has me pegged because this design was what made me want to buy her pattern. I love this layout!

Source: Diane Bohn--From Blank Pages

Orange You Glad: Emily from Crazy Old Ladies

I have had the opportunity to get to know Emily through our local Modern Quilt Guild. She is as funny as she is talented. When she brought this quilt into guild months ago, I wanted to make it. Problem is, it's applique, and I'm not an applique kind of girl. It's never appealed to me, but I love how she puts this quilt together. It's simple, no raw edges, and the quilting tacks down the applique. Emily created a tutorial to share her technique.

Emily Herrick: Crazy Old Ladies

Tessellation: Alison Glass

I love this one! There's not much else to say. I'm thinking solids. Love it so much!

Source: Alison Glass Designs

Modern Maples: by Amanda Woodward-Jennings

I know this quilt pattern came out a few years ago, and everyone else has already made theirs, but I've wanted to do it for some time now. I have some shot cottons that would be great for a perfect autumn quilt. The pattern is free over at Lark Crafts.

Source: Lark Crafts

Metro Twist: Sew Kind of Wonderful

I had the chance to meet the Sew Kind of Wonderful sisters just two months at the Small Town Quilt Show. They are adorable, fun and talented. This is one of my favorite patterns made with their Quick Curves Ruler. It's on the list as well.
Source: Sew Kind of Wonderful

What is on your quilting bucket list? I could always use more suggestions!


  1. I have also not been finding much time to sew with all the gardening that needs to be done and the company that keeps popping up, but last week I was feeling a bit under the weather and decided that sewing would be great medicine...well, I about busted up laughing when everything I touched in my sewing corner had a spider web attached to it...really had it been that long. I cleaned it all up and had a great sewing day and it was just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Oohh!! I'm not usually fan of stars, but that Celestial Star quilt is amazing. It's going on my bucket list for sure! I bought Metro Twist and it's on my list as well. I'm feeling the opposite as you - like i have so much on my list I'll never finish it all!

  3. Unfortunately I'm not really a pattern girl either, but I do love what you've gathered up there!

  4. I'm currently doing the Celestial Star Quilt Along, and the cutting is rather challenging, Another quilt I have been wanting to do is the Swoon qiuilt. cdahlgren at live dot com.

  5. Have you seen the Quiltalong that Sara at Sewsweetness is running for the Tessellation quilt at the moment? It's got some great prizes and has motivated me to actually make one rather than procrastinating.

    Currently on my bucket list; the Park Bench pattern, the Butterfly pattern from Tula Pink and that triangle log cabin spiral quilt that I don't know the name of but have pinned lots of versions on Pinterest!

  6. Some terrific projects on your bucket list ... Thanks for sharing your list! I wonder how many i have (bunches) ... It would be fun to list as you have done! You've added the maples to mine :-))

  7. What a fabulous bucket list! Orange You Glad is on my list, too. Making one quilt from each book I have is on there, too.

  8. Modern Maples is on my bucket list (still!) But so are... AMH's Prism quilt, and Rachel at Stitched in Color's Ikat quilt. and hmm....I bought the patter for Modern Medallion, but I have to just get going on it :P It'll be a lovely stack when they are done, eh?