Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Fox Quilt

It's baby season around here. I have another friend having a baby boy, and I decided she needed a quilt for him. This fox fabric was a total impulse purchase when I was ordering some other more necessary items. I really love it, and had to make something from it. I used the same design as my original App Quilt, only using a smaller block this time.

Fussy cutting the foxes wasn't exactly the best use of fabric. I only got (12) 5" charms from a 1/2 yard, but it was totally worth fussy cutting these guys.

I backed the quilt with flannel, but did not use batting. I was really worried how it might turn out, but with the linen sashing, the quilt is already heavier than normal. For a summer baby quilt, this worked great.

My only problem with the lack of batting was some funky shrinkage after washing. I made the mistake of not prewashing my linen. I'm fully aware that linen shrinks at a different rate than cotton, but this has always been mitigated in the past by the additional shrinkage of the batting. Without the batting and using prewashed flannel on the back, it didn't shrink as evenly as I would like. Lessons learned. I will always prewash my linen blends in the future.

Off to a new home!


  1. Yep . .those foxies are fun! love the quilting.

  2. Love those foxes! I just used the aqua colour pathway to back a quilt this evening! Lovely work!

  3. So cute, Kati! Great fussy cuts! I love that fox print and have been trying to make sure it showcases the foxes well every time I use it.

  4. Perfect quilt for a little guy, born in the year that "What does the fox say" You Tube video is so popular!