Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

It's spring break around here which means three children in need of constant entertainment. I have decided spring break is simply a trial run for summer. How am I going to keep these kiddos busy all summer?! At least it will be warmer than 40 degrees and won't be snowing (I hope)!

After Sew South my sewing room was a disaster. I just unloaded my bags and dumped stuff everywhere. There was no room to sew. I decided before I could jump into a new project, I had to clean up around here.



I should have taken some wider shots during the actual cleaning process. It was pretty amazing how deep it was in here. I unloaded each drawer and sorted everything. I ended up throwing out a whole garbage bag of stuff. My little sewing area is small, and I have to stay on top of it, or pretty soon it becomes almost unusable. In addition to a clean and organized sewing room, my machine is back from a trip to the spa and works so much better. She gets really grumpy when it's been too long. Now she's good as new! Finally, I need to make new labels for my bins as I have changed up my system a bit. That will be a project for next week when the kids are back in school. 

Finally, on the design wall this week! Here is a peak at my App Quilt. 

This quilt was inspired by a drawing my daughter made of a pretend cell phone. Each colorful square was for an app on her "phone". I loved how it looked and almost immediately started turning it into a quilt. I actually intend to write this one up into a pattern. It's a simple design and beginner friendly. I have realized I miss writing patterns. I hope to get two completed before summer hits (when nothing will be accomplished for three months). More on the App Quilt soon!

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  1. Love the bright, cheerful colors on this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loving the app quilt, and good luck with the in-house entertainment!

  3. I really like the app idea! Very clean and yet colorful...and good luck with the kiddos!

  4. My friends and I were just talking about Spring Break being a trial run for the summer, then the long break doesn't come as such a shock to us!! I love the app quilt - the bright colors are so fun and what a great source for your inspiration!!

  5. Oh I haven't unpacked yet- this weekend for sure. I remember those days with little ones at my feet. My last one is 16-1/2 and now has a job for the summer (at the pool!) so I don't think anyone except my dog will be under my feet!

  6. What an adorable quilt! It's funny how inspiration can come from the most unexpected places :)

  7. That would be a great quilt to practice all sorts of different FMQ designs on!