Monday, April 28, 2014

Botanics Mini Quilt

I'm participating in a secret swap with many of the other Sew South attendees from last month. We're simply swapping a handmade item. I am hoping my swap partner will like this little mini I put together.

It measures 18" x 21" and could be hung or used as a table topper. I used essentially the same piecing method on this little guy as I did on this quilt for my sister.

I bought a FQ bundle of Botanics by Carolyn Frielander when it came out, but hadn't found the right project for these fabrics yet. I quite like the contrast between the highly saturated prints against the many low volume prints in the bundle.

I loosely followed the design of the front when quilting this project.

I just dropped this little guy off at the post office today to ship to a new owner. I hope she loves it!

Once I finally started cutting into this bundle, I've really enjoyed using these fabrics. I have another project featuring Botanics coming on Thursday!


  1. It's beautiful! lovely use of those fabrics

  2. I'm sure she will, it's visually a really neat quilt.

  3. Loving the colour and LV mix. It's funny, I've split my bundle up without even thinking about it, and I hadn't realised there was that lovely contrast!

  4. Very clever quilting! The variety of shapes provides wonderful contrast with the mix of LV and saturated colors.

  5. stunning! I love the mix of the colours and the LV, and the pattern is gorgeous.