Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week 4: Vintage Quilt Revival Block-Along

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along

Well, I'm not exactly keeping up this this little block-along like I intended. I decided to give the Riviera and Dakota Star blocks from week 4 a go yesterday while the mini destroyers were at preschool. I struggled a bit getting my points in the center to meet on both of these, but finally decided it was good enough for me and finished for the day. Now I need to work my way back and do the blocks from week 2 & 3, although the group is already on week 5. I'm hopelessly behind. As I am constantly telling my kids, "It's not a race," despite the fact that they feel the need to race at everything from getting dressed to eating to being the first one in the door.

Riviera Block

Dakota Star
With a few more blocks in the mix, I'm liking this project more. I always panic when I make samplers because I never like them when there are just a few finished blocks. As I finish more blocks, the project grows on me. I'm definitely feeling more comfortable with my decision to use some blue in there now that I have two blocks with it. I might need to do a little shopping to find a few more FQs of blue that match.

A reader asked this morning what fabric I'm using for my background. I'm using Yarn Dyed Essex in Flax by Robert Kaufman. It has become my absolute favorite background fabric. The lighting in these photos looks a bit off, but the color is most true in the Riviera block photo above.


  1. Thank you so much for addressing my question. I thought perhaps they were Essex Yarn Dyed, but I had heard some quilters comment about their unraveling during construction and the need for reinforcing seams so I've stayed away from it. What is your experience? Sorry so much for the bother, but I love the combination of printed fabrics and the linen look. I ordered some swatches of Quilter's Linen, a linen look alike in 100% cotton and am awaiting their arrival.

    1. I am fond of Quilter's Linen--I have several colors in my stash and use it often.

  2. I do love your background fabric with your color choices...looking good!

  3. Beautiful blocks! Love the color scheme!