Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sewtopia Retreat

Although the online quilting/sewing community is a wonderful way to connect, there is nothing like having the opportunity to meet in person. Sewing retreats are starting to pop up all over the country, which I think is fantastic.

Sewtopia Retreat 2014 is happening in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 6-9! Sewtopia is a bit different from other retreats. No classes are offer, but there will be plenty of chances to learn from each other as well as creative challenges throughout the weekend. The focus of this retreat is simply a chance to just come sew. After attending Sewing Summit twice, I realized that by far the highlight of those weekends was simply interacting with others as obsessed as I am. The open sewing sessions at night are the best part. Sewtopia provides a full weekend of open sewing! Machines will be provided. Breakfast and lunch are also provided on Friday and Saturday.

Registration begins in just one week!


  1. This is very interesting to me. I love getting together to sew, although I do like classes as well. Helps me focus my time :)

  2. I actually get the most done while at retreat. No distractions because everyone is doing the same thing and we all want to see what the other one is doing.
    Love quilting retreats/sewing