Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Favorite Things: Rulers

I am a ruler junkie. I love buying new rulers for specific projects, especially ones that make cutting easier and more precise. These are just a couple of my favorites.

Omnigrip 20 1/2" Square Ruler

This is a very larger ruler and works perfectly for squaring up larger blocks. I've also used it when cutting large pieces of fabric. I find it far easier to use this on big projects than trying to use the grid on my cutting mat. This is also a "grip" ruler so it doesn't slid around on the fabric much. It's one of the first specialty rulers I purchased when I started quilting, and I don't regret it. 

Here are just a few projects I've used it on:
Print Gallery Quilt

Wonky Square Bee Quilt
World of Goo Quilt

Add-A-Quarter Ruler:

I always use my Add-A-Quarter ruler when paper-piecing. It is definitely one of my favorite things. It has a little ridge that helps keep it in place when trimming away excess fabric from the seam. I just have the small 6" ruler, but it's perfectly adequate for any paper piecing project I've done. Here are just a couple examples from projects I've made.

Jumbo Star Piecing Tutorial
New York Beauty Block Tutorial
Christa Quilts has the Add-A-Quarter ruler in stock and has kindly donated two for our giveaway on Friday! Check out her notions section for lots of supplies.


  1. I have never used add a 1/4. I might need to get one.

  2. I've never used the Add-A-Quarter ruler and now I think I need one!

  3. WOW...I've never seen the 20 1/2 ruler but will have to keep my eyes peeled for one that would be the bees knees

  4. Those are great rulers, especialy the 20 1.2" ruler, really could use one of those and the 1/4" ruler. Looking forward to the giveaway.

  5. I have a long pink add a quarter ruler, too, and I like it, too.

  6. The 20 1/2 inch square ruler is great for squaring up quilts before adding the binding as well. I use Creative Grids rulers because they are non slip and I find them easier to read. Having the right tools makes quilting so much easier.

  7. I love my big ruler. Makes squaring up large blocks a breeze.

  8. I'm so glad you're doing this series. I've never used an add-a-quarter ruler...thanks for showing us how it works. I'm adding it to my "to get" list!