Friday, January 18, 2013

Lattice Quilt Pattern #4: Trimmed Lattice Quilt

Update: This pattern is no longer available for purchase.

I went very simple with the fabrics on this quilt. It's made of just two print fabrics as well as a solid "trim" fabric. The backing is the large floral print. The binding is the plaid (which is a perfect binding fabric in my opinion).

The sample I created for the pattern is a baby quilt at 36" square.This literally took me 24 hours to make. I cut the fabric the night before. Pieced the entire thing while the kids were in school. I quilted most of it during their quiet time in the afternoon, then I finished quilting and bound it after they went to bed. Small quilts are a fun change of pace.

The quilting lines echo the design of the quilt. The lines are 1" apart.

 In the pattern I've provided sizing info for baby, twin, and queen sizes.


  1. So, the quilt I have had in the works for nearly 7 years now is somewhat similar to this and I have always thought I'd probably just quilt it like this. Now that I have seen how you did this, I probably really will do it just like this (2013 is my year to finish all my unfinished projects!), especially knowing how quickly you knocked this out. Of course, you have oodles more experience. I know it will still take me a lot longer, but it's good to know it's simple. I love all your lattice designs and if I hadn't started my quilt so long ago, I would certainly pick one of these lattice patterns over the one I started way back when.

  2. I bought the pattern at the start of the week and have loved reading your posts each day on each of the quilts. Cannot wait to get chance to make one myself, having read the pattern I'm really impressed with how clearly and comprehensively you have written it. The only problem is picking which one to start with, you certainly get a lot of patterns for such a good price :-)

  3. Great idea swapping the solids/patterned around