Saturday, December 29, 2012

Honeycomb Quilt #2

Note: This pattern is no longer available for purchase.

I realized the other day that I have a few quilts I made this year that I have yet to officially post about. I like to write a post for each quilt for my own record keeping.

I'm calling this one Honeycomb #2. (Honeycomb #3 can be found here.) Months ago I was contacted by RJR Fabric to make a quilt for Market for them with a new line. I submitted several ideas including a remake of my hexagon quilt back, which is the design they selected. Part of the arrangement is that I would write a pattern for them to kit with the new fabric.

I never even saw the quilt finished until Market. This is about how it looked when I sent it off to the quilter. I didn't have enough white fabric so they had to rush me a bit extra with just a few days to spare. I got a taste of how crazy sewing for Market can be.

The pdf pattern for this quilt is available for purchase.

It was very fun to see my quilt hanging at the front of the RJR booth at Market.

This is my first ever quilt done on a long arm. RJR paid for the quilting so of course I didn't turn that down. The quilter did a great job. I still want a long arm someday....

The final quilt size is about 65" x 65". The fabric is Cold Spring Dreams by Mary McGuire from RJR Fabrics.


  1. It is awesome, just like all your quilts!

  2. How exciting!!! The quilt is beautiful.

  3. So, so pretty! You deserve the honor, for sure :)

  4. Absolutely lovely! Beautiful work.

  5. Great booth feature :o) And I think I'd have jumped at the free quilting too!

  6. It's stunning! Love the quilting, too. It's like a fun surprise to see what they did with it!