Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quilt Market 2012

Market was wonderful, of course.  How could a sisters’ weekend full of fabric, shopping and yummy food be anything but?  My sister lives just outside Houston.  It was a great excuse to see her and spend time together.  I'm grateful she was willing to tag along with me to Market.  It was so fun to go with her.

Friday included a Schoolhouse session on Modern Quilts fromthe Blogging Universe.  I was able to participate in the presentation on the book along with Jeni and Allison.  My sister and I attended Fabric 2.0 which had great swag bags.  Of course we hit Sample Spree which included lots and lots of fabric shopping.  It's hard to pass up deals when they are near or at wholesale prices.  I got some fun stuff.  
Quilts shown were made my myself, Angela and Amy.
Saturday included visiting all my quilts on the floor as well as checking out all sorts of fun products and beautiful fabric.  I actually had four quilts at Market this time including my quilt for the Modern Quilts book, my Pixelated Color Wheel in the Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit, a quilt I made for RJR Fabrics, and my quilt for Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine.  It was so fun to see my work there.

We visited the Simplicity EZ Quilting booth to check out the winning quilts for the EZ Dresden Challenge.  They all looked great.

Finally just a few quilts from the Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit.  It was so fun to see quilts from so many bloggers I know.  It was a wonderful exhibit.
1. by Stephanie Ruyle from Spontaneous Threads,
2. by Karen Anderson-Abraham of Bloomin Poppies,
3. by Krista Fleckenstein of Spotted Stones,
4. by Lee Heinrich of Freshly Pieced,
5. by Jennifer Carlton-Baily of BettyCrockerAss,
6.  by Rossie Hutchinson
7.  My quilt!
8. by Tanya Finken from Squares and Triangles
Saturday evening, we attended my sister's church Halloween party with her family.  She made Angry Birds costumes for each family member (including me because I was in town for this).  Since her family doesn’t want to be Angry Birds again for Halloween next year, I will eventually be listing the costumes she made in my Etsy shop.  She did a great job on them.

We had some great family time on Sunday including fabulous Coconut Shrimp Curry which I'm adding to my must make list.  We spent the evening carving pumpkins and eating soup with my sister's sweet friend and her family.  She made amazing pumpkin cake that I must get the recipe for.

Monday we headed back to market to catch people we missed and booths we didn’t hit.  I admit it was a huge high to see so many of my quilts at Market.  Meeting people was wonderful as well.  I was able to see old friends I’ve met before at Sewing Summit or Quilt Market last year.  I was also able to meet wonderful people face to face for the first time.  I was super excited when Jacquie, one of my quilting idols, even remembered my name.  Yes, I am a quilt dork, but we all have our idols, right?

As I headed home, reviewing the previous few days, I felt really renewed, inspired, invigorated, and very, very tired.  I have plans and ideas for my business as I begin down new roads.  I have new ideas where I’d like to take things.  I felt buoyed up from a great weekend with my sister whom I admire so much as well as fun time with her cute family.  I missed my little family so much and was thrilled to peak in on them in their little beds when I got home (and sleep in my own).  The hubs even had the house clean, laundry done and lawn mowed when I got home.  He is amazing.  I adore him and appreciate his support so much.  


  1. Kati,

    I'm so glad that you had such a great time! I'm sure it was especially fun to see your own quilts featured. That is awesome. And don't worry - I am a fellow-quilt-dork - I totally had the same reaction meeting Jacquie. I think she is so phenomenal, but SO real and nice. It's nice to know there are other quilt-dorks out there! I hope we can visit sometime (Sewing Sat?) because I would love to hear more!

  2. So glad you had such a wonderful Market experience and congrats on your 4 quilts being featured - that is so exciting! I'm very much looking forward to what you have in mind for the future :)

  3. your work is fab glad you have had a lovely time at the market x

  4. I just showed my son the Angry Birds costumes and he is super impressed. He is only 4 and a half and loves the game and we watched the film today, which was good! You all look so cute lined up. Quilt Market looks amazing and your sister must have been so proud to see your quilts and the book is super exciting!

  5. sounds like a fabulous time Kati! I wish I could have been there too. I had a couple of quilts there as well and it would be fun to see in person. One of these days!

  6. Sounds and looks like a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you x

  7. Great recap. It must have been so much fun to see all your quilts out in the wild. I glad you had a wonderful time and can't wait to see where the inspiration takes you!

  8. Love the costumes. Such a talented family!

  9. Thanks Kati for posting a photo of my winning EZ Dresden Challenge Quilt hanging at Market.
    Looks like you had lots of fun.
    Fiberlosophy dot blogspot dot com is my new blog - the fun has just begun!

  10. super cute costumes! my word!
    I'm hoping to be in Portland -- you too perhaps???

  11. it was lovely to meet you - sorry about getting the last pearl bracelet bundle! The angry bird costumes look fantastic!

  12. Looks like you have a wonderful time! How especially great to see your quilts there. Congrats!

  13. It was so fun to see you there and I hope you had a blast!!! -Al

  14. I don't think I realized that you had FOUR quilts at Market. Wow! What you choose to do, you do well Kati. That's one thing I like about you. Glad the hubs and the kiddos survived.

  15. Sounds like a great trip! Congrats on getting your quilts featured!

  16. Looks like a really fun weekend, and love the costumes!

  17. So great that you had such a wonderful trip! It's fun to see pics too. How did the schoolhouse go for the book? Is that Karen burns at the podium? Each of your quilts is totally amazing.

  18. You three are super cute. Now that I know you, even cuter!
    And, I'm pretty much commenting so that I can say the same thing. That colorful diamond-y quilt is the most amazing thing I've seen this year.