Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cooling Down

A week ago I noticed our AC unit was not working.  Of course this happened on a Saturday before a very hot holiday week.  We did get two different repairmen to come check it out on Saturday just to tell us that it was indeed dead, but a new unit was still days away.  With temps reaching 95 in our house, three very grumpy kids who weren't sleeping well and smoke from local forest fires that made it impossible to use window fans, I decided to get out of town.  I left the hubs to deal with the heat and the challenge of arranging for a new unit and took the kids first to my mom's cabin in the mountains then to her house a couple days later.

Even Pixel tagged along.  She was having a really hard time with the heat as well, poor little dog.

S'mores were a big hit.

Swinging with Grandma.


Love these little kiddos!!
Of course I had to bring my sewing machine.  After putting kids to bed, I sewed to my heart's content. On Wednesday I'll share what I accomplished.

 After a few days at the cabin we headed back down to Grandma's house for the 4th.

Notice how Little Dude is feeding his car lemonade.  They loved their little table.

The weather cooled way down on Thursday, and we heard that they would definitely install a new unit on Friday.  So, I packed the kids back up and headed home.   After four days of playing with cousins and staying up way too late, they were beat.

Friday afternoon with the AC on, things finally started to cool down.

I'm way behind on responding to emails and other projects and am slowly starting to catch up.  Today is a laundry day.  Maybe I'll feel back on top of things by sometime next week .  Hope you all had a wonderful week!


  1. That sounds like a bit of a jaunt, but probably for the best!
    Wish we needed aircon right now, we hit a 65 degree high today woo-hoo for summer!

  2. Ditto to the above comment! Yet more wind and rain today.

  3. It always happens on the hottest day of the year! Last week, our A/C was running fine. My husband noticed cotton wood all over the unit. He shut it down and sprayed it off. wouldn't start back up. He was kicking himself. he thought he broke it. He has been laid off for 8 months, so there is no money in sight to fix it. I work for the school corp in the custodial dept, so I called one of the HVAC guys to shoot me ideas. Told him all it would do is click once when he tried to start it. He promptly said " I'm about 90% sure your service breaker is bad." It's the breaker outside buy the unit. My father-in-law (a retired electrician)came over and said,"Yep the breaker is bad." Happy dance time!!! It only cost $10.00 to fix:)

  4. Glad you got yours fixed too!

  5. That's a fun way to get out of the heat! Glad your AC is fixed. It has been horrible here - we're on day 4 or 5 of 100deg days. The claim is cooling temps will arrive tonight.

  6. I'm glad you had a place to go to and that your ac is fixed now. I hope it stays that way. It's 104 on my shaded screened porch right now, and I'm so thankful that our ac is working.

  7. "Pixel" is a terrific name for a little dog. :D So cute! My hubby is in a bratty mood - he just replied, "Yeah it is. Much better than "Byte" and threw his signature Cheshire snicker/grin over here. lol!

    An over-hot house with little kids is no fun at all - the worst! Good idea to make a vacation time out of it! Looks like some fun times, too. :)

  8. Aside from the AC issues, that sounds fantastic! It looks like you guys had a great time. I wish I had a fabulous cabin to escape to :-)
    It was so fun meeting you at Material Girls. I'm looking forward to the next get together!

  9. Urgh, well glad you got to escape for a bit, and your kids wear their food so well ;o)

  10. I can feel the pain. Basically air conditioning doesn't exist in Italy. My kids are waking up a lot at night. It gets into the 100's and high humidity. I can't wait for it to cool down! Looks like miss C is getting SO BIG! Is here hair getting a little darker?

  11. Looks like a great impromptu vacation! Nice that you got some sewing done in the evenings! Glad your AC is back in working order.

  12. Sounded like a great idea to me. Wish my mom had a cabin. Pictures were great but the one with those blue eyes looking up were my fav.
    Hate that the AC broke but glad you had a place to escape to.