Saturday, October 22, 2011

Color Wheel Swap Round 2--Lights and Darks

I'm starting up Round 2 of the Color Wheel Charm Swap.  The color assignments for this round will again be from the color wheel, but each participant will buy one dark fabric and one light fabric in their assigned color.

I learned a lot with my first swap.  I'm changing some things up to make it run a bit smoother on my end.  Please note the changes before signing up.
  • This round will be for light and dark charms of one color.  We will be swapping 2 yards of fabric again.  As before all color assignments will be based on the color wheel.  Although, you will be assigned only one color this time around, and will need to purchase 1 yard of a light colored print fabric and 1 yard of a dark colored print fabric in that color.  For example, if your assignment was blue-green, you might choose a dark teal and a light aqua. If you are assigned red, choose a darker shade of red and a pink.
  • Post your fabric choices to the same flickr group as soon as you pick them to avoid duplication.  Please list as much information about the fabric as possible in the description.
  • Cut each yard into 56 charms.  There is only 1" of waste.  Cut very carefully.
  • When choosing colors please keep in mind that many participants will be cutting these charms even smaller.  The fabric color should be obvious even in a small 2.5" section of the square.  Please choose fabrics that are as close as possible to your specific color.  Large scale prints generally are not a good choice unless it's a tone on tone or white on tone design. Additional colors in the design are fine as long as they aren't too large as to detract from the target color.
  • Quilt shop quality fabric only.
  • You must pre-sort or pair your charms in stacks of two.  This will cut my sorting time in half.  
  • Ship to me no later than November 19th (although the sooner the better).  If you are shipping internationally, please ship by November 12th. 
  • For US participants there will be a $7 charge to participate this time.  This covers a bit for my time in running the swap as well as priority shipping with delivery confirmation. DO NOT send a self-addressed stamped envelope. 
  • For Canadian participants the fee is $14.  The fee for participants from all other countries is $16. (USD)  This includes priority shipping, although delivery confirmation is not available.  The option is still available for international participants to have fabric shipped to me directly from a US vendor, and I will cut it.  It will be an additional $1.50 for me to cut the charms for you.
  • All fees can be paid through PayPal.
This is a continuation of Round 1, and I offered those who were in the initial round the opportunity to sign up first.  Sign-ups for the remaining slots will begin Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. (Mountain Time).  Check back here Monday morning for the link to sign up.    I anticipate there will only be about 20 slots available so make sure you check in right at 8 am if you're interested.


  1. Oh, AWESOME. I would LOVE to get to do this!

  2. I think I would like to do this if there is room, so 8 am Monday which time zone?

  3. Oh I hope there is space left, I missed out last time because it filled up so quickly. To much fun!!
    January T

  4. Oh man, I have a work meeting at that time every day, I hope I squeak in!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS - I am putting an alarm on my clock NOW! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. I sent the form back to you Kati so I hope you got it. Good luck to those who want to join in - it`s well worth it.

  7. I would love to join this, are there any spaces still open? Thanks!