Thursday, October 6, 2011

Argyle Quilt Along: Sewing the strips together

First off, decide the order of your stripes.  I ordered my stack as shown below.  Blue and orange are my outer stripes.  To make things as clear as possible, I will refer to colors as A, B, C, and D to define the order or section.  Make a mental note of your color order or even write your color info on a post-it and stick it to your machine to keep track throughout the quilting process.

Here is the order of my quilt:
  • Blue--A Color
  • Yellow--B Color
  • Green--C Color
  • Orange--D Color
  • Tan--M (Main)

First you will pair the main strips to the coordinating strips.  Sew one main strip on top of each coordinating strip.  Line them up as shown.

Flip the main strip over onto the coordinating strip overlapping as shown.  The intersection should be 1/4" in from the edge.  Sew along the length of each piece.

Once finished you will have 24 pairs of strips.  I used a slightly shorter stitch length as we will be slicing these up later on.

Next pair your sections.

Section A:  Sew 3 of these sections.  The fabric should be ordered from top down M, A, M, B, M, C, M, D.

Section B: Sew 1 section.  Fabric order from the top down should be M, B, M, C, M, D, M, A.

Section C: Sew 1 section.  Fabric order should be M, C, M, D, M, A, M, B.

Section D: Sew 1 section.  Fabric order is M, D, M, A, M, B, M, C.

Press all seams open.  Instructions next week on cutting these pieces into strips.


  1. You have me rivited.....can't wait for the rest of the story!!

  2. I am using only 3 coordinating colors but in a pattern that would be (not including the main color) A,B,C,B,A. I am following the plaid color pattern on my husbands kilt! :)
    How do I make sections like you did above? What is the idea behind how you arranged each color in each section?
    I'm not sure how to continue with this part since I'm arranging my colors differently.