Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go! Baby Winner

My internet has been down all morning, so I was a bit slow posting this today.  The winner is #113!

That happens to be:

113 April Mae said...
My Facebook friends now know about this lovely giveaway. I'd be awfully jealous if one of them won though. Thanks for the lovely opportunity for this neat gift.

I'll send you an email April!

For everyone else, go check out Brooke's blog over at Pitter Putter Stitch and Lynne's blog at Lily's Quilts.  They are both giving away a Go! Baby.  Brooke's contest ends tomorrow.  Lynne's is up for the next week.  Thanks to everyone for playing along.


  1. Congratulations to April Mae!

  2. Thank You Court! And thank you so much Kati! This is a fabulous giveaway! I'm very lucky to have won. I never win anything so this is even more exciting. Be sure to check out Pitter Putter Stitch and Lily's Quilts if you want to win one of these lovely machines. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you Barb.

    I just recieved the Go Baby in the mail yesterday. Its a great little machine. I have the Critters, Rag, and Rose of Sharron dies and they all cut lovely. I have used the Critters to make appliques for baby bibs for a friend and it cut the fabric and fusible just fine. I have also cut fleece for a blanket on the Rag die and it did I lovely job. I found though that it would only cut two layers without much trouble. When I tried three it cut but I had to almost fight to get the die through the rollers. Overall this is a great product and I am very excited that I was able to win such a great tool.