Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fat Quarterly Issue 6

The newest edition of Fat Quarterly released this morning.  I'm pretty excited about this one.  Not only was I asked to participate in the Designer Challenge portion of the magazine, but I also have a tutorial for this pillow on page 42.

The Designer Challenge this month was a churn dash block.  I put this pillow together using a modified version of the block.  Check it out!  There are lots of fun projects in this issue.

And the best part is that this pillow goes quite nicely with one of my favorite quilts.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My fabric true love

It is very rare for me to love a fabric line so much that I buy the whole thing (AKA: this has never happened before).  Yesterday I received my biggest fabric splurge ever.  I am in love with the new Joel Dewberry Heirloom line even though everything tells me I shouldn't be.  I don't love pink.  I am really not a fan at all of purple.  I don't usually like big floral prints, yet I'm in love.  I can't explain it.  I already have a quilt in mind for these beautiful stacks of fabrics.  I bought a FQ stack in each colorway from the wonderful Brenda over at Pink Castle Fabrics




I also bought these for a skirt, and I can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Argyle Baby Quilt

I have a new little nephew coming soon.  I wanted to make a fun quilt for him and knew instantly what it would look like.  My SIL has a love of argyle.  We had their name for Christmas, and I wanted to make an argyle quilt for her back then, but I didn't feel that I had the skills or patience to do it.  I made this quilt for them instead, but did give them an argyle pillow.  After actually making my diamond quilt, I knew that an argyle one would be relatively easy.  This quilt came together quite quickly.  The only problem was that I was 1/3 through piecing the quilt when I realized I had arranged the stripes incorrectly.  I had them going horizontal rather than vertical.  Luckily unpicking wasn't too painful.  Final size is around 48x58.  It's a bit big for a baby quilt, but I hope he can use it for a while.  The fabrics are all Kona: Lagoon, Lime, Khaki, Snow and the binding is Wheat.

The only complaint I had was the shrinkage.  Due to all those bias edges, it skewed a bit when it shrunk.  You can see it a as it hangs.  I have heard this is normal, but it bugs me just a bit.  I figure when it's being used though, no one will be checking if it has perfectly square corners.

Originally, I had planned to only stitch the dark lines through the centers of the blocks.  I decided as I was basting the quilt that I needed to stitch on either side of the seams as well to keep everything tacked down.  I'm so glad I did that.  I just used a light tan thread that doesn't compete with the design I wanted to achieve with the darker thread.

The back is an random arrangement of the leftover fabric using my sew and slash technique.  I used every bit of fabric I bought to make this quilt.  I love it when that happens.

I really love how clean and simple this quilt looks.  It's a great starter quilt for venturing into piecing diamonds because much of it is strip-pieced.  I would love one for our house in fall colors and was thinking it would be a fun quilt along.  Anyone interested in joining up for a QAL around the end of September or so?

I'm linking up this week to Gen X Quilters Summer Fair Quilt Show.  Head on over there and check out the great quilts and recipes.

Gen X Quilters Summer Fair

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pinterest Love

I've joined the crowd.  I am quickly becoming addicted to Pinterest.  It took me a while to join because I really didn't get why it was different.  I just thought it was another Flickr.  Pinterest is such a fabulous concept. It's like having a collection of bulletin boards on the computer to pin anything your interested in.  I have boards for sewing, quilting, cooking, projects, the house, etc.  I no longer star anything in Google Reader.  I just add it to a Pinterest board.

Here are some fun new pins for the week.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sew Beautiful Bee

August is my month for our Sew Beautiful Bee.  I've loved this group.  Everyone does fabulous work, and I've been excited for my month.  I've gone through dozens of ideas for my block and finally decided on wonky log cabin/ improv blocks.  I'm giving everyone a lot of freedom in what they create.  I've put together a few ideas in a Flickr gallery. Each member will get a stack of black and white fabrics with prints in one accent color.

Everyone will be getting one of these stacks. 

Here's a sample block I put together with one stack.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.  These packages will go in the mail in the next day or two.

July was Megan's month.  I just finished up her block and will send it out with her package of fabric.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I haven't done WIP Wednesday for a while so I thought I'd share a few projects I have going on right now.  I'm kind of stuck on several projects because I can't decide where to go next.
  • I pulled out this Dresden I made as a practice block a while ago for my quilting bee.  I've added a few borders and am debating on which direction to go next.  I just have fat quarters of these fabrics so I can't do anything too large.  I think I'll turn this into a square baby quilt.  I just have to decide what to do with the next row.

  • I've cut out the sashing and triangles for my FWQAL blocks.  I think I'll sew it up in the next week or two.

  • I made myself a real skirt this past weekend and did my very first invisible zipper.  I'm pretty hooked.  I love how smooth it looks compared to a regular zipper.  I've had the skirt cut out for two months and finally got the nerve to sew it up.  It was a very simple pattern, but it made me a little more excited about sewing clothes.  I might actually make make more clothes in the future.   (Edit: The pattern is Butterick B4461.)

  • I pulled my fabrics for the 4x5 Quilt Bee blocks.  With this bee I will make the same 12x12 block for the five people in my group in their requested color scheme.  I also pulled fabrics to make myself a block in the aqua and yellow.  We each have very similar color schemes so that part was pretty easy.  I just can't decide on a block to make.
  • Also in progress is my Kona charm challenge quilt.  I think I'll wait to show pictures until after it's completed.  
  • I finished my gift quilt and washed it up last night.  I love how it turned out and might consider turning this one into a quilt along.  It was a fun one.  I'll share pictures in a couple weeks. 
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Protection from the Mini-Destroyers

Some people worry about protecting the outside of their homes from burglars.  Some worry about zombies.  We, on the other hand, worry about protecting the inside of our home from the Mini-Destroyers. 

We have to be a little creative around here with childproofing.  The Mini-Destroyers are pretty smart when overcoming the obstacles we try to put in their way.  My friends all laugh because they think it's humorous how much we childproof our house.  Everything shown below is in addition to the childproofing that "normal" people do.  I personally don't find it funny that our kids have destroyed the kitchen table I refinished, broke the lid on our piano, tried to break the door on our new dishwasher, broke the microwave turntable, shop the in fridge for random things like Wasabi sauce and mayo (anything within easy reach), and broke my old netbook.

Introducing Mini-Destroyer #1 (AKA Miss C., Bugs, and Missy Boo)
  • This one is getting old enough to realize she can have her own opinion about everything and does.  She likes to break into our bedroom and steal my lip gloss.  She also steals mints from my purse and breaks microwave turn-tables.  She occasionally has a tendency to throw toys at her sister's head resulting in an ER visit and stitches.

Mini-Destroyer #2 (AKA:  Little Dude, Buddy)
  • This one has the most deceptive and infectious grin you've ever seen.  He makes you believe he could never create any sort of trouble.  He likes to break dishwashers, window screens and drawer fronts.  

Mini-Destroyer #3 (AKA: Miss A, Little Bug)
  • This one has a talent for climbing on the counter, dresser, piano, table, etc.  She likes to break computers, spit water on my carpet, throw away blender lids and steal my shoes.  She is also the most emotional girl I have ever met.

To thwart these mischevious munchkins, we have pretty much removed or locked down anything in our house.  Here are a some examples:

The piano lid is tied to the legs.  Little Dude has a tendency to slam fingers in the lid as he repeatedly slams it (this is how he broke it).  Also notice the missing bench.  It lives in the storage room for obvious reasons.

We replaced the dishwasher a few months ago because our old one leaked and didn't clean the dishes well.  Little Dude seemed to instinctively know that this one was new and must be destroyed.  He liked to open it up and climb in.  Luckily the door survived, but wouldn't have lasted much longer.

Miss C is horrible about getting into the fridge.  She'll open it up and stand there while the twins steal the Wasabi sauce (maybe if they had a taste that would teach them).  It just gets old.  She can still get the fridge open, so that's when we tie the handles together.

This is our bedroom door.  Miss C can easily open the doorknob lock.  This lock was required to keep her out of one of the few non-childproof places in the house.  There is also one of these on the linen closet.

The twins like to dance on the table and push the chairs up to the counter and get into everything else.  I got tired of saying "No" because they didn't hear me anyway.  We now tie the chairs up whenever not in use.

All the kids can get the deadbolt open on the front and back doors so we had to add the upper lock.

Opening and slamming the microwave door is a favorite pastime around here, and that got irritating.  Also, we didn't want to replace the mechanism for the turn-table again.

It's no wonder my kids make me tired.

Back to sewing posts tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catching up

I had the chance to hang out with my younger sister, my mom and my older sister and her family this past weekend.  Miss C and I headed up to the family cabin over the weekend leaving the hubs home with the twins.  We spent Monday in Yellowstone which wasn't too impressive to Miss C especially when I dragged her out of the car after just waking up from a nap, and we walked down 1/2 mile of switchbacks to see the lower falls.  It's a pretty amazing view, but again, I don't think she was impressed.

We also hit Old Faithful because you have to go there no matter how many times you've been to Yellowstone.  Miss C was a bit more intrigued by this part of the trip.

Then of course you have to stop at some stinky geysers and hot springs.

At our last stop Miss C was about done.  She walked down the steps to the lookout, and plopped herself down on ground with Green Blankie and her water bottle, staying there until it was time to go.

I took the sewing machines and taught my sister how to make wonky log cabins and how to machine piece hexagons.  She also worked on making some Angry Birds which I'm totally going to make for Miss C.  She loved them.  I worked on a quilt I'm gifting so no pictures just yet.  After piecing about 1/3 of the quilt though, I realized I sewed the strips together incorrectly and the pattern wasn't working out as I planned.  The seam ripper and I became very good friends the other day, but everything is sewn back together in the right order now.  I'll show pictures once the recipient receives it.

It was a fun little weekend, especially for Miss C who got to hang out with her cousins whom she adores.  Yesterday was spent cleaning and doing laundry, but I think we're back to normal around here.

One of the projects on the docket will be finishing this charity quilt.  Members of the SLMQG sewed these blocks, and I pieced them together.  We need to add some borders, put a back together and get it quilted.  It will be donated to the bone marrow transplant unit at a local hospital.  I was really happy with how the blocks came together.