Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Good Mail Day

Yesterday was a very happy mail day.  I received three wonderful things.  First I received a new computer.  My little netbook bit the dust a week or two ago.  It's been so hard living without it.  It usually lives on the kitchen counter, and I've missed it.  It's hard to sneak into the office to work on the desktop because the minute I leave the mini destroyers do things like climb on the counter and play with plants and knives or jump in the dishwasher. 

Second, I received this fun little package from Kelly over at kelbysews.  She sent me an angel package for the Goodie Bag Swap.  I was beginning to wonder if I got left out.  She was so sweet to put this great bag together for me.  All I wanted was a simple large pouch to keep sewing supplies in.  She threw in some fabulous extras as well.  I love the Orla Kiely design.  I need to figure out how to quilt that.

Miss C. quickly swiped the coloring book and happily enjoyed it all afternoon.

One of the best things is that the last item I received yesterday fits perfectly in the pouch Kelly gave me.

Now, I think I have some cutting to do.  Thanks to the third package, I'm quickly transforming these two stacks into a couple very fun projects.  More news on these projects and other fun developments to come.


  1. How funny--I'll be getting that same package today! And the drunkard's path die too! :)

  2. What a great bunch of goodies! I see Go dies and lots of beautiful fabric, can't wait to see what you'll create!

  3. Grrrreat mail!! I'm jealous! Oh thanks for taking that picture for me yesterday, what do you think of the button?

  4. yay! I'm so glad that you got your angel bag! You were definitely NOT forgotten! ;)

  5. Good things definitely come in threes in this case! Yay for lovely angels who look after all the swap bebes!