Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project follow-up

I've had several questions regarding a couple of my projects I showed on my last post.  A few of the comments were from "no-reply" bloggers, so I figured it would be easiest to provide this info in a post.

Kitchenaid Mixer Cover Tutorial:
I first tracked down this post from Homemade by Jill which pointed me to this tutorial I used from About.com.

I found the finished cover was a bit too long.  I didn't want it to actually touch the counter.  I trimmed just a bit off the edges, but other than that it worked great.  I made my own piping using the same bias tape I used on the bottom binding.  I love piping.  It makes so much difference.  I also made a simple white lining because I like to cover up ugly inside seams.

Hand stitching on the Dresden table topper:
I had been thinking about doing the hand quilting.  Then conveniently, Kate Conklin posted a great little tutorial on hand stitching just a couple days before I made my project.  I found it helpful.  I couldn't find any pearl cotton that matched and didn't want to order anything.  I used DMC floss in coordinating colors--all 6 strands.  The batting I used on this project, as well as almost everything I make, was Warm and White.  I have no clue what kind of needle I used, but it looks about the same as the one Kate shows.  I just found it with my old cross stitching thread and figured it would work.

I found the hand quilting to be far easier than I initially imagined and love what it added to the project.  I will definitely do it again on other things.  A couple of my fingers did get quite sore.  I only used my metal thimble.  I may get a couple rubber ones to protect the other fingers for next time.