Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Conundrums

I made a list of my current projects the other day, and there are quite a few.  I don't exactly need to add more to the list, but I have a couple stacks of fabric that I have been thinking about recently.

First off I have a ton of L'Amour.  I was a pretty new quilter when this fabric came out last year, and I loved it.  I bought lots of it. Shamefully, I have only made one small baby quilt from it.  A while ago I cut lots of it up into charm squares and jelly roll strips.  Unfortunately, I honestly can't remember what direction I was going with it.  I have no clue why I cut it.  The main problem is that I don't love it anymore.  It's too cutesy for me now. My taste has changed a lot.  I don't even really like Valentine's Day decorations, but I have been thinking of making this pile into a quilt just because. 

Here are my two big stacks of jelly roll strips and the charm squares.  I also have a stack of 2.5" squares leftover from the one project I have used this for.

This is the yardage I have left.  I have about 1/8 yd left of most of these, but have 1+ yards of the brown w/red hearts and the stripes.
My question is what would you do with it?  I'm considering using it to join in on Rachel's quilt-along from p.s. i quilt.  I think I could make it work by pairing the lighter strips with darker ones.  Other than that I don't have any ideas.

Secondly, I have three charm packs of Central Park.  I love the colors from these fabrics.  I also love the designs.  I don't really want to buy more fabric for borders.  I just want to go with this, but a plain old charm square quilt seems boring.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Finally, I just wanted to do a quick follow-up from yesterday's post.  A few of you mentioned concern at what I paid for Kona.  Just to clarify, the $7/yd was their new list price.  I never buy anything from Joann's without a 40% off coupon.  I actually order the majority of my Kona online from the Fabric Shack.   They are only $4.19/yd and have super cheap shipping.  They also carry almost every Kona color. They are the most inexpensive online store I have found.  I buy from Joann's in emergencies, especially since their selection is so slim.


  1. Oh, how I know the fabric conundrum. The 'I loved it when I bought it, but now that I get around to doing something with it the love it gone.' Sorry!

    For the charm packs, maybe try a disappearing 9 patch? A little more spiced up than a basic square design quilt, but not much more work. :)

  2. Love these prints. I am going to be starting a Quilt-A-Long in February based on my Nature's Pathways' quilt and I think those prints would look amazing for the design!!! (happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com)

    Oh, and the charm packs - once again totally bias, but I have a tutorial for Central Park coming out at the Moda Bake shop on the 27th. I used a Jelly Roll but with 3 charm packs it would still work, just an idea :)

    I also just wanted to say that I just love your blog. I can't wait till I move home to Utah and get to meet all of you amazing women out there at the sewing summit!!

  3. For the charms, maybe pair dark and light ones, make HSTs and go with one of the billions of HST designs? I don't know if there's enough contrast in Central Park to do light/dark, though.

    I'm using a lot of L'Amour in the PSQA. (I thought it was Candy Kisses, but I'm learning I was wrong.) It doesn't look all that bad in 2" squares. Granted, I'm using pink Kona so mine is VERY pink, but I think using the browns and darker stripes would be nice.

  4. I'm playing with Central pack right now too, however only 1 charm pack and trying to see what I can do with it. I should have a post this week to show my progress. (so far I have made a few pinwheels -- so much fun!)

  5. If you're not loving the Lamour fabric, maybe you could sew it up into something simple and give it to a charity? Then at least it would be off your conscience (and out of your house!).

    I have some Central Park charm packs too. I'm thinking about this Pint-Sized Wild Thing pattern from Camille:
    I know you don't want to buy border fabric, so maybe you could just do a solid border?

  6. If you don't feel like a quilt. I have made Modern Charm Runner, by Gudrun, the pattern JUST came out. link to her blog with pic.


    I made it with Central Park and I LOVE it. And FYI, if you feel in the gift making mood. You could get 4 out of 3 charms (without the circles).


  7. IMO, life's too short and your time is too precious to spend it making a project with fabric you no longer like! What about swapping it with someone for something you *do* love?

    As for the charm packs...I can't remember where (clearly, I follow too many blogs for my feeble mind to keep track), but I saw a quilt made ticker-tape-style using charm squares on a plain white background. It was really cute!

  8. Thanks for the kona tip! I bookmarked that shop. :)

    I agree with the comment above-if you don't love the fabric, don't work with it. Do a giveaway, maybe try to sell it, give it to a friend... I purged my stash and UFOs a few years ago and I'm so glad I did!

    And I LOVE the Central Park line! I have 2 charm packs, and I was thinking of getting a few more to make a simple patchwork throw for myself. I actually rarely do simple patchwork, unless it's a quick baby gift. So I was ok with "just" doing something simple and fast. ;)

  9. I have some charm squares that I am sitting looking at as well, trying to decide what to do !! But it is a fun problem to have.
    I was excited to hear about your fabric store suggestion, so checked it out, but too bad...they only ship to the USA :(

  10. For the Lamour fabric, you could always let it sit until you feel more inspired. If you can't stand it just sitting in your stash, donate it or give it to a friend. If you find just the right project, you will probably love it again. How about hitting up some neat blogs for ideas? I love Material Obsession and Bloomin' Workshop and I noticed they aren't on your list.

    The Schnibbles patterns are great for charm packs.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for these!

  11. Those Central Park Charm Packs are screaming to be cut in half and made into a stacked coin quilt!

  12. We should do a fabric swap. . . I got awesome ideas for it!

    I did get the Central Park Charm pack too - it's incorporated in the toKyO quilt!

    P.S. It's totally okay to laugh at Dori's death :)

  13. Have you looked at any of the charm quilt recipes on the Moda Bake Shop website for ideas? You could do a crazy nine patch. Maybe create some small tablerunners for friends for valentines?

  14. I just ordered a layer cake and charm pack of Central Park. (I know that's a lot for one fabric line.) I'm going to make a disappearing 4-patch. Now if the fabric would just get here.

  15. You could sell me some of your L'Amour- I started a wallhanging and table runner, and before I got around to finishing, my LQS ran out, and I can't find enough different prints anywhere to finish it. Just a thought...!

  16. LOL I have the exact same fabric line, more lights, and have the exact same problem with it. I am thinking of a table runner, but I have too much of it too. It's so hard to pair it up cause the pink is too peachy. We should challenge each other to chop it up or else!! We have three weeks until the 14th!