Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off to the spa

My sewing machine, that is.  She really needs a break.  She is overworked and running a bit rough. She really needs some pampering and love.

I spent my evening working on this new project before I packed her up into the car for tomorrow morning.  I'm a little sad about losing her for 1-2 weeks.  I do have my old machine as a back-up.  I might have to pull it out while she is away.

I was hoping to get farther along on this project..  I wanted to get a bit more work done so I could see how it was actually going to come together.  I ran out of time.  So far I just have 4" strips sewn to sashing.  It will have to wait. 

I am very excited to get my machine running perfectly again.  I have lots of things coming up.  In addition to my current WIP's I have these fun projects in the next few months:
  • I've been accepted into the Doll Quilt Swap 10 and will receive my swap partner any day now.  I'm excited to try it out.
  • I should get my swap partner for the Spicing up the Kitchen Swap any day now.  
  • Finally, I have decided to participate in the Modern Quilt Guild Project Modern Challenge.  My package from Fabric Shack should arrive also any day now so I can get started.  Sorry, but that is one that I won't be posting about on my blog.  Winners aren't announced until April, so you'll just have to wait. 
I will be a fun couple months.


  1. How often do you send your machine in for a "spa treatment?" I've always wondered if that's something I should be doing...

  2. I think my machine needs to join yours at the that some Anna Maria Horner I spy for the psiquilt quilt along?? Love love love.

  3. I really need to give my machine a good cleaning. A spa treatment would be nice too. I'm excited to see what you'll come up with for the DQS and the MQG challenge! I'm sure they'll be amazing.

  4. I *just* got Bernie back from the spa! I don't have a backup (just a serger) so I was going squirrelly! Did a fair bit of cutting, though, which is good. Happy to get back to stitching tonight so my Bee members don't revolt and boot me out!!

  5. Mine's way overdue for a tune-up, mainly because I can't stand the thought of losing her for that long! I'll probably wait until she breaks down in the middle of an important project, like last time. : )

  6. At my repair shop you can often explain that your machine is going to be GREATLY missed and you are in the middle of a project and would be thrilled to have it back early. This usually works wonders--I got my pfaff serviced this summer in 2 days instead of a week by pleading for a little middle-of-a-project-please-help love! :)