Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Christmas gifts and a good mail day

I finished up a few Christmas gifts for some girlies on my list.  The fabric, though not my style at all, is highly appropriate for it's recipients.  I'm not a princess kind of mom.  I'm pretty anti-princess actually.  In fact my daughter has never seen a single princess movie, has no Disney dress-up clothes, and has no idea who Cinderella is.  I can be so mean sometimes.  It was a stretch for me to buy this fabric.  Luckily, I used almost all of it up in these projects for my nieces.  I'm not sure I could have princess scraps in my stash :)

I used the buttercup bag pattern from Made by Rae.  It's the perfect purse size for a little girl. 

I also used the apron pattern from Making it Fun by Michael Miller Fabrics.

Finally, the mailman knocked on my door this morning.  Good thing I shoveled that 10 inches of snow off our steps while the kiddos were eating breakfast (this is after the hubs shoveled about the same amount last night at 6 p.m.).  I think we're in for a rough winter.

Anyway, I got this super cute pillow in the mail from Val, aka PinkPlease!, for the Pillow Talk Swap.  I think it looks great on my sewing chair and adds the perfect amount of back support.  I'm really tempted to try a similar pattern for a quilt.  I love the triangles.  Sure, I might be pulling my hair out by the end, but they look really great!

It was fun, albeit a bit stressful, to participate in the Pillow Talk Swap.  I sent my Christmas Tree pillow off last week to travel 1000's of miles to live in a new home across the ocean.  I'm debating signing up for the doll quilt swap in January.  We'll see how things go.


  1. gorgeous pillow! :)

    and I really need to make some of those cute bags. :)

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