Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Scraps of Happiness

I swapped several ideas with Jen from Little Scraps of Happiness last week for her business cards that she won in my giveaway.  We made a decision on Saturday, and UPS dropped them off today.  I'm so excited to send them onto her.  She decided to use this quilt as the back of the card.  I love this quilt and wanted to make one exactly like it when I saw it on Modify Tradition earlier this year.  It's a fabulous quilt that goes along so well with the name of her blog.

Here's a preview for Jen on how her cards turned out.

They'll be in the mail tomorrow, Jen.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. It's so fun! Love it!

    Kati, the fabric you sent arrived yesterday. I love it! Thank you again and your business card looks even better in person! So so so nice!

  2. Oh Kati! They are perfect!! I love them! Thank you so much for such a generous and awesome giveaway!! I can't wait to get them!