Friday, October 15, 2010

A light at the end of the tunnel

Well, my friends, I am on the home stretch.  I have just one block remaining to finish piecing my Subway quilt from the Oh Fransson! quilt-along.  A few days ago I decided I was just sick of looking at this quilt on my wall, and it was time to finish it up.  I have since pushed through the last two rows.  I technically finished the quilt-along Wednesday night when I completed block 25 (which actually hadn't even been posted yet.)  I cheated a bit by designing my own pattern.

When this all started and I committed to making the quilt, I decided I wanted it longer so I designed 12 additional rows of 2" squares.  After finishing block 25, I really debated.  I wanted to be done, but I already had all those little squares cut.  I also wanted to add those extra rows to make my quilt look a little different from everyone else.  So I kept going.

I have the last block in little piles of squares ready to be sewn, but I think I might be done for the day.  I'm getting a little burned out again.  Now I have to start thinking about how to design the back.

This picture actually only shows the bottom half of the quilt.  I can't fit all the rows on my wall, but I'm really looking forward to laying all the rows out together to see how it all looks.  

Here is my design for the quilt based on the Oh Fransson! design.  The top 40 rows are basically the same as hers.  I designed rows 41-52. 


  1. What we can see looks great!! What is the completed size of the quilt going to be?

  2. This looks awesome!! You are so dedicated...I think I would go cross eyed looking at all those little 2 inch blocks, cant wait to see it all layed out together!

  3. Way to stick with it, Kati! You definitely have a lot more perseverance than I do. What an interesting quilt it will turn out to be!