Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kitchen Table Redo

My new dining area is finally finished.  This is exactly what I envisioned, but it really feels like the project that should have never been.  Everything just kept going wrong with it.  I swear this project was doomed.  I know every project has it's quirks, but this project had way more than its fair share.

I grossly underestimated my spray paint needs.  I was thinking 6 cans.  I used 20 cans of paint and almost 5 cans of primer.  Then I tried to use a spray lacquer which didn't work super well.  After letting the paint cure for a few days, we brought it inside, and I knew within hours that I had to do more to protect it.  Back to the garage it went for three coats of brush-on polycrylic.  We were without a table for almost two weeks.  We already have some chips in the chairs from the three mini-destroyers around here.  I'm thinking of going to Home Depot and getting a quart of black paint in their ultra paint with primer to do touch-ups.  The table still looks good, no chips that I have noticed.

I follow several refurbishing blogs, all of which use spray paint almost exclusively.  I must say after this project, I doubt I will do much spray painting again.  I painted my blue chair with regular paint and had much more success with that project.  I am not enamored with spray paint like the rest of the blogging world.  I pretty much hate the stuff now. My finger has still not recovered.  Spray painting hurts.

When making the curtains, I headed to Joann's to get some fabric for curtain liner.  I bought the stuff with the rain coating.  DO NOT believe the lady who cuts your fabric when she tells you it should be fine to pre-wash.  That coating washed right off.  After pulling it out of the dryer, I realized I was left with some expensive white muslin.  The curtains went together pretty well, but as I tried to hang the curtain rods I realized I was not able to screw them into studs.  I had to use those drywall plugs, which I hate.  As I tried to put up the rod on the left, I realized the stellar individuals who built our home did not actually center the middle window.  It's closer to one side than the other--meaning my curtain rods would not fit where they meet in the corner.  I had to drill more holes and adjust.

But, it's finally done, and I really love it.  Amazingly, the kids have pretty much left the curtains alone.  We'll see how long it all lasts. You might noticed that we only have three chairs.  That's because mini-destroyer #2 broke the back off one of the chairs.  He also started breaking the back off another which I fixed with superglue.  That kid is a brute, and he is only 18 months old.  It's no wonder our house looks like it's been through the war. 

I used Cherry Wall Flower by Amy Butler for the curtains.




  1. Fantastic Kati! WAY to persevere! It looks GORgeous.

  2. It turned out really great! I am still trying to decide if I need to seal ours a little better but I really don't want to move it back into the garage (which is a now a light shade of red).

  3. It looks wonderful!. I think I would go back to the old brush and can next time too!

  4. I think I have your next project in mind--your own television show. You can show people what can be done with a can of paint (or 2 or 20) and some really great looking fabric.

  5. There aren't words to describe how much I adore this!!!!

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