Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I started a few new projects this weekend when I needed a break from the Subway quilt.  I am generally a one-quilt-at-a-time kind of person.  I don't like multiple quilts going on mainly because I just don't have the space to put them all.  It is kind of fun to sit down and have several choices for projects to work on, though.

I'm still plugging away on the subway.  I finished the first block of the third row and have three more blocks designed and ready to sew.

I also cut all the strips and triangles for my lattice quilt over on the left.  I started sewing the first few blocks.  I decided not to paper piece this one and it seems to be working just fine.  It's a pretty simple design. 

That argyle on the ironing board is getting closer to being a pillow.  It was a test run to see if I still hate diamonds as much as I remember.  I do.  I just love the way they look so much, too bad I hate piecing them.  Good thing it's small.

I also bought some super cute corduroy to make fall jackets for my girls, joining in on the sew-along with From an Igloo

Last night I spent my evening cleaning out our basement bedroom (AKA the dumping ground for all objects without a home).  My mom is staying with us this weekend and needs a place to sleep.  The bed was covered with lots of stuff including multiple finished quilts that aren't being used.  I said to my husband that maybe I should stop quilting as much considering how many quilts we already have that aren't being used.  He gave me that "Yeah, right" look and just kind of shook his head.  I guess I don't believe I can quit either.  I'm a little addicted.


  1. Your subway quilt has certainly grown since you last shared it with us and it is beautiful. I've never sewn diamonds, and have no desire to do so but yours look really nice! I look forward to seeing all three projects when they are finished

  2. Wow girl... you've got so much done here! That subway quilt is pretty amazing, and the lattice is going to be so pretty.

    (I usually have about 15 projects going at once...and haven't yet made a big quilt for myself). :)

  3. Your subway quilt is looking AWESOME> and you have got alot done on it. If you ever need a home for any of your quilts..let me know...lol.

  4. Your quilts look fantastic. I love the clean fresh look of them and your choice of colours and fabrics are superb... I love how neat and tidy you manage to keep your workspace WOW.

  5. Oh yes, your cousin Court over at Cuttlebug challenges suggested I visit your site. Thanks so much Court, the site is great and inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing your work.