Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quilt-Along Craziness

 You may already know what all of these tiny, little 2" squares mean:
  • Craziness
  • A sore wrist from way too much time with the rotary cutter
  • A lot of work still left to do and not even close to actually beginning anything
I decided to join in on Oh Fransson's Toyko Subway Quilt-Along.  This is my first quilt-along I have ever attempted.  Of course, I choose the one that requires me to cut up 1600 tiny squares.

Seriously, what was I thinking?  I started cutting squares two days ago and have spent the majority of my free time doing so since.  I still have so many to cut.  I almost gave up at least three times. 

Then I finally decided I was really committed, so I copied her pattern into Excel to more easily change some of the color lines to better match what I have in my stash.  I had to recount how many blocks I would need for my changes and couldn't really do that with the pattern sketch she had posted.  Then I decided that a 60" x 60" quilt of 2" squares wasn't enough torture so I decided to design an additional row of blocks making the quilt 60" x 72".  I'm just not a huge fan of square quilts, and 60" isn't long enough to really wrap up in.  I have too many smaller quilts already.  I loved her subway design back when she did it as a wall hanging and was really happy to see she was doing it as a quilt.  I'm excited/terrified to get started on this.  She posted the first block last night so I'm already behind.  I still have to cut bright blue, gray, black, white, pink, brown, and navy. I also need to pick up some Eggplant Kona for my purple line and maybe a few more grays.  I have a feeling I won't be keeping up on this quilt-along.

I should be working on quilts for Christmas presents.  Instead, I'm just adding another one to the WIP pile.  But really, aren't all these tiny squares so dang cute?


  1. Impressive! Good luck. I'm not brave enough for that quilt-along, but I think the finished quilt will look amazing!

  2. Yes, those little squares do look super cute!

  3. I love seeing fabric stacked or folded and lined up so nicely. It's such a weird thing to enjoy, but you know, just part of being a fabric addict...

  4. Yikes. I signed up for that quilt along too! I have yet to start cutting although I did walk into my sewing room today, looked around threw up my arms and walked back out. Maybe tomorrow I will spend some quality time in there mucking through the scraps and actually figuring out where I can start! Yikes!

  5. I can't wait to see this quilt. By the way, I don't know if it is possible, but I would love to see out you use Excel to design your quilts.

  6. Wow, you should get a medal for bravery. I looked at that quilt and thought, "I'll just watch" !!

    Now I get to see your progress and Oh Fransson's :)

    1600 squares.... yep, definitely a medal!

  7. Definitely crazy! But I'm sure the effort will be well worth it. I'll enjoy watching you play with all your itty-bitty squares while I continue to be challenged by 5" ones!

  8. I just joined a quilt along too but mine doesn't have near the amount of squares. I look forward to seeing your quilt when it is done. I love the colors you are working with!

  9. Good luck with all those tiny squares, it will look great finished though!