Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting Started

I finally finished cutting those little squares last night.  I only cut about 1/4 of the white ones I will need, but I was tired of cutting and wanted to start sewing.  I'll cut more as I go.  They are the easy ones anyway.  I did quite a bit of fussy cutting and that took so much longer.  It was really nice to finally get into this quilt and start sewing it. 

Since I have my revised pattern all put together, I cheated a little and am now ahead of the game.  I did one block last night and did two more this afternoon during naptime.  Once I finish block 4 & 5, I think I will sew them all together to see how it looks.  It's starting to take shape with only three blocks placed side-by-side. 

I was very pleased when they each measured just scant of my 12.5" square ruler.  I was nervous about getting all the seams to line up, but so far I have been able to be pretty consistent on my seam allowance.  It's certainly not perfect, but I'm not about to unpick it when everything doesn't line up exactly.  No one will notice.

One of my fussy cut squares. 

Sewing the blocks together isn't as hard as I imagined, but it does get a little tedious and repetitive to sew all of these seams.  Although, I think I will really love it when I'm done.