Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why I blog.

I have only had this new blog up for a week, and I already had doubts after I posted my first giveaway.  I was asking myself, "Why am I branching out and doing another blog?"  I'm not trying to get advertisers.  I'm not trying to be a super blogger.  I'm not trying to rack up the followers, although I do love seeing the creations of those who follow my blog. I love finding new blogs and people to get ideas from.  I personally only know a few people who, like me, are addicted to fabric and quilting-- a good friend around the corner who I have successfully indoctrinated, and the fabulous ladies of my modern quilt guild.  I suppose this blog is simply another way to connect with people who love creating in similar ways.

I was having dinner with a couple friends from my childhood several months ago.  We were discussing my sewing addiction and one friend told me a story that I loved about her mother.  I grew up next door to this girl and have always known her family well.  Like my mom, her mother sewed many of their clothes as kids.  When she finished a project, rather than let it be worn immediately, she hung it up at the end of the hall for a few days to admire what she had accomplished.  This blog is my "end of the hall".  It's so fun to share what I have created--not to brag, but just to find someone who also loves and appreciates the work I put into a project.  I love that blogs allow us to see others' "end of the hall".  Thanks for coming to mine.


  1. that's why I do it too -- I just want a way to connect! My husband is a farmer, (and let's be honest -- doesn't care too much about quilting), and we live far away from most my friends... so I find you all here in the virtual world!

    It's really fun. :)

  2. Couldn't agree more! Other's creations are always my inspirations! And since I don't have any friends in person that really share my enthusiasm for fabric and quilting, blogging is my way to connect with others that do. It's hard when you have a passion for something but don't really have anyone to share the same passion with. So I find that blogging is an awesome way to do just that!

  3. Amen to the other comments. I know my husband and other family members are happy to see me enjoying myself with quilting, but really it's the online community that really encourage me to try new things and make sure I'm finding ways to improve myself with this skill.

  4. Too true! My blog is like my quilt journal, I use it to keep track of what I am doing, what I dream of doing and what I have already done!
    And isn't it great finding a whole new set of friends that love what you love?