Friday, August 13, 2010

Redecorating the redecorating

Only a few months ago I changed up my picture display in our front room.  I took a few new flower pictures in color rather than black and white and came up with this:

The main problem though, is that I have always regretted just doing the 8x10 frames and really wanted to do larger frames with mats.  I was also interested in framing them square.  I came across some inexpensive square format frames and Ikea and decided it was time for another change.

I spent last evening hanging the frames.  My prints were on a UPS truck somewhere, and I wanted to be able to hang them up the minute they arrived. 

I wanted to hang them in a grid so first I put together my template and drew lines to show the center and marking the space between each frame (1.5 inches). 

Next I arranged the frames on the template, traced them and marked exactly where the hook should go in the wall.   (Meet my dog Pixel.  She was feeling photogenic last night). 

Next I put my template on the wall with a lot of help from my level.  Then is when I got scared.  It's big....really big.  I knew the frames I chose where larger, but when you put them together like this it's huge.

But I kept going, because I had already spent an hour measuring and getting my frames and template ready. Then I hung the first two frames and almost stopped again.  I just kept thinking four would be way too much, but then again holes are easy to fill and patch.

So I hung the final two frames.  I was right.  The display is really big.  I even dreamed about this last night and woke up at 4:00 a.m. debating on two frames or four. 

And then the UPS man came this afternoon and delivered my box from the printer.  I'm liking it a whole lot better without the paper template and actual pictures in the frames, but I'm still not sure.  When I see it I think, "Wow, there are four huge pictures on my wall."  The debate will probably continue another 3-4 months until I change it up again.  I would have preferred hanging them a bit lower, closer to the couch, but little hands are too tempted to swing at them. 

Decorating is so not my thing.  Any thoughts?


  1. I really like your pictures. It is a big wall and needs the bigger pictures. Too bad you can't hang them so the top of the top frames is straight across from wall indent (top corner, left), but I understand about little hands. Very pretty!

  2. Fantastic! I'm so glad you did big. I've been there and it looks wonderful!

  3. How coincidental that you have those frames hanging in that configuration with two black and white and two color. We have those frames, except in off white and they have had two pics of Adie, one black and white, one color, and then a black and white of Brett and I and a color of our family hanging on our wall. We just recently updated with pics of Chase (It only took us a year to frame a picture of the poor boy). Anyway, I think it looks great with the flowers. Obviously, we like the style. I guess maybe those design genes are somewhat genetic.

  4. I much prefer the larger frames. I completely understand why you couldn't hang them any lower. I am thinking of going with vinyl wall trasfers above our couch for that very reason (I have a two year old son and due with my second soon).

    Not that you asked, but I think my next project would be finding a slipcover to make that couch pop out of the wall. Red would look really nice.

  5. I love it! Don't change a thing!