Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quilting with math

My husband is quite talented at math.  He thinks very logically and thinks in numbers.  He uses advanced math frequently in his work, but I'm always amazed at what he knows.  The other night he asked if I could make a "math quilt."  At first his request didn't really make sense to me.  I use math all the time while quilting, though pretty basic math.  We started discussing the topic a bit more and he suggested using the golden ratio for the design in a quilt.   This evening I spent some time brushing up on exactly what the golden ratio is as well as formulating designs based on this mathematical principle.  It's really made me think and has been a great design challenge.  I spent the past couple hours playing around in Photoshop on some ideas. 

Here is an idea of randomness using the golden rectangle.  The quilt size and each individual rectangle uses the golden ratio 1:1.6.   Remember how I'm dying to make a quilt from teal solids.  I thought this would be fun.  Now, I'm really not sure how this would work out considering the fact that I seriously dislike applique, and I have no idea how I could actually piece all of this, but I really like the idea.  I'll keep working on it.   

For the back, I'm considering something using the Fibonacci spiral. I designed the color to darken as you move outward in the spiral.

Finally, just one last quick sketch I did tonight.  I'm planning a hexagon quilt, and needed to visualize the measurements before cutting.  I'm planning this for a baby quilt.  It's my next project once I finish binding the quilt on my table.  The project list never ends.


  1. Another idea is using prime numbers 1:2:3:5:7, etc. When I learned how to mat pictures, we were told to use prime numbers to balance the picture, for example, usually using 3 inches around top and sides and 5 inches on the bottom, to better balance the picture. I wonder how it would look using rectangles with these proportions moving from largest to smallest?

  2. Can you superimpose a grid over your first design and get a better view of how you might be able to piece the quilt? Will watch for progress.