Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilting--My newest project fad

A little girl can definitely have too many skirts. Miss C and Miss A's closets are filling up with lots of cute skirts. I decided I need to move on to a new project fad. As I am still addicted to shopping for and buying fabric, I decided my newest fad needs to be fabric related.

Here are the newest fabric lines that I need to find projects for. Make sure you scroll down because it just keeps getting cuter:

Animal Alphabet

I started looking at quilting sites yesterday, and it really made me want to make a quilt. I haven't made a quilt in years. The problem is I hate hand quilting. It is probably one of my least favorite crafting activity that exists. It even beats out crochet which I despise because I have tried many times and just can't do it. Some things just aren't made for left-handed people.

I love the look of machine quilting, but wasn't willing to pay someone to do the quilting for me. I always thought you had to have one of those huge machines from the sewing shop to get those fun wavy lines and the puffy aged quilt look. Then I came across this post:

Crazy Mom Quilts

I realized I have a darning foot for my sewing machine, and I can actually do this on my machine. I felt a little silly. I have all these accessories to my machine, but have no idea what to do with them. I was really excited. I watched a few more u-tube videos to learn more and then decided to jump right it.

A while back I bought some sheets for Miss C, but didn't need the fitted sheets so I decided to cut off the edges and make a simple quilt with them. It has been sitting in the corner, basted together for months. I just didn't want to face quilting it. I even thought about just throwing it away and giving up. What a perfect project to practice free motion quilting on! Miss C could care less how the quilting looks, and it's all ready to go. I really had fun trying. I ran out of thread about 2/3's of the way through so I'm not quite finished. I decided I definitely need quilting gloves as it's hard to hold the fabric and quilt smoothly. Other than that, I just need more practice. I spent about an hour this afternoon working on the quilt and feel a lot more comfortable doing it already. It's just tricky to move smoothly at a consistent speed.

My next project is a quilt for Little D with the dinosaur fabric I bought a while back. I'm onto my new project fad. You can always use a few more quilts.

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