Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few other giveaways to check out.

After you have signed up for my giveaway this week.  Check out these other ones I have come across.

Jennifer is giving away three charm packs of Dream On by Moda and a pattern.

Traceyjay is giving away some Christmas fabric.

Little Miss Shabby is giving away some very cute owl fabric,

For you paper crafters, my cousin's super cute wife is giving away some Cricut supplies on her new blog.  Check out Courts Crafts.

Finally, check out Dandy Giveaway.  Tara, an old college roommate of mine, runs it, and she has given away some fabulous things.  This week she has some good ones as usual, particularly Scentsy and Bebe au Lait.  Also check out her Target giveaway in a push to reach 1000 followers.

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