Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventures at Home Depot

As with any house, I have a few pet peeves about mine.  It's mostly just little things, but one thing that drives me nuts is the lack of lighting in the kitchen.  We have just two light bulbs, and it always feels so dark in there.  I have often envied those with fabulous track lighting and under cabinet lights.  Enter Ikea.  I do love that store.  They have just about everything.  I was there picking out my picture frames and walked through the lighting section on a whim to see if they had anything that might work for my kitchen problems.  I was thrilled to find several different options and settled for one lighting strip with three lights to go under my corner cabinet.  I thought I would start small and go from there.  I got home and realized we didn't have any wood screws that would work (or perhaps I just couldn't find them).  I also couldn't find any drill bits, a common problem around here.  I also couldn't find a level to hang my picture frames, but that wasn't a surprise, our level has been missing for about five years.

The next morning my brood and I headed to Home Depot.  Can I just tell you that Home Depot employees provide amazing service with you are toting three kids in a triple stroller.  They were fabulous.  The tool man was wonderful helping me find new drill bits, which, by the way, I am hiding so I can find them next time.  I don't want the tool monster to run away with them. 

Then he helped me find my new little level, which I am also hiding.

Next, I headed to the paint department and got a stack of paint swatches in an attempt to end the dilemma of what color to repaint my bathroom, but my three-year-old confiscated all of them and totes them around in her purse or grocery basket.  Who knew paint swatches were such a great toy?

Finally, another employee helped me find the last three things on my list including my wood screws.  So, now I could put up this:
I am in love with my cabinet lighting.  Seriously, I should have done this five years ago, but we didn't have Ikea five years ago.  How did I survive without that store?  I am probably there too frequently.  The lady in the fabric department practically knows me by name and gets so excited when she sees me and my kids.  Though, I doubt she gets many customers pushing a triple stroller with three kids hanging their heads over the side like puppies poking their heads out the car window.  Our little circus is pretty memorable.

My in-laws were in town this weekend, and I introduced my mother-in-law to the joys of Ikea.  I think she is hooked too.  While there, I ended up buying two more light strips and now have them under each of our cabinet sections.  I just love light, especially since the days are getting a bit shorter now.  It's nice to have a bright kitchen even at night.


  1. I just put Ikea lights under my cabinets ,too! And I love love love them.

  2. It's always nice to be able to see what you are doing in the kitchen. I love the under cabinet lights.

  3. Steve is installing my light strips. Now I can "make do" until the solatube is installed (that is supposed to light our kitchen during the day without turning on the lights). I feel like my day is just that much brighter. Now to plan the shelving for my craft room! Thanks, Kati!

  4. I have under cabinet lighting, too. Essential in Alaska with our long dark winter days. I bought the cookbook in your picture for my daughter in law. Hiding purreed vegetables in kids' favorite foods. Genius!!! Written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife Jennifer.