Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When we were kids, my dad made furniture for our rooms. He made me a left-handed desk. I never took it with me when I moved out and assumed it was still at my mom's house. My brother took one of the desks when he got married and just recently mentioned to my mom that the desk was backward with the drawers on the left. We realized he had my desk and made arrangements for him to get his down to his apartment and swap mine and bring it up to my house. He delivered it yesterday, and I'm so excited to have it back. Not only do I love having my desk that my dad made for me, but it also works perfect as a sewing desk in my little space. Now I have a solid desk rather than a rickety folding table that vibrates when I started sewing too fast. I spent yesterday afternoon reorganizing my space, again.

My dad also made this bookshelf for me when I was in college.
I recently organized my fabric stash by color and found it's much more inspiring to me. Seeing all that blue and green fabric makes me want to create monochromatic quilts out of each.

And for those collections of fabric that I'm not ready to separate, I found the perfect solution. For some reason I save all those plastic packages that sheets, curtains, etc. come in. They are the perfect storage solution for stacks of fabric I want to keep together.


  1. your organization is awesome, i am inspired to sort out my treasures too, and i will use all those zip bags i saved to put some projects together for a 'fast quilt' , thanks again for your inspiration ;-)

  2. I use those zip bags too. Too useful to throw away. I have my scraps in a big comforter one. Maybe too much junk in there. I never thought about having a left handed desk. Who knew? Great that you got it back. Kind of a full circle thing. N