Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A couple more pillows

I am really having fun with the pillows for our living room. It's been great to try out new techniques on a small scale to see if I really like them first. I got my inspiration for both of these pillows from Red Pepper Quilts. I love her blog. She has some fabulous quilts.

Sorry these pictures are a bit dark. The quilting detail on the white gets blown out if I lighten them any more.

Inspiration for this pillow is found here: Red Pepper Quilts

This pillow is made from half-square triangles. I'm really thinking I'd like to make a quilt to match.

My inspiration for this pillow: Red Pepper Quilts

The quilting was a bit tricky on this one. I almost quilted it with white thread just so my mistakes wouldn't be so obvious, but I'm really glad I did blue thread.

I miscalculated my measurements for the back of this pillow, and it barely closes. It bugs me that I didn't fix it before putting the binding on, but now I'm not really in the mood to tear it all off so it might stay this way.

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