Monday, June 21, 2010

Pink and Brown Stars Baby Quilt

This is my first commissioned quilt of sorts. It's for a special little girl due soon. It's been in the works for a while, and I was glad to finish it last night. I debated for quite a while on the design, and finally decided on this block using the tutorial from Modify Tradition. My layout is inspired by this quilt from Red Pepper Quilts. It was certainly more challenging than I planned, but very good practice. I really like the outcome with this block and would like to do a larger version of this quilt in the future. I hope she loves it. I'm pretty sad to let it go, and I really wanted to keep it. I almost made a second quilt with an easier design to send instead, but Ryan talked me out of it. It will be in the mail tomorrow before I can change my mind.

The quilting is diagonal lines through each block. I used 21 different fabrics on this one. I think the scrappy look works well for the design. The back is simple brown flannel with one little pieced strip along the side. It measures 42x42.

Monday, June 7, 2010

One final pillow

Here is my last pillow for our living room. I am seriously addicted to making pillows now. They are quick and fun. It's so nice to have a project that I can finish is just a day or two rather than weeks.

I have seen this design on several different blogs and wanted to try it out. The cover ended up being a bit big for my pillow form so I plan to make a new form for it. I like my throw pillows nice and full.

For a change I did random straight-line quilting on this one.

My new living room. I do plan to redo all my flower pictures when I get another chance to make it over to the flower shop. This will do for now. It makes me happy how bright it is. Nikki from my quilt group suggested to choose three words that describe how you want your house to look and choose items around these three works. For now I'm focusing on bright, colorful and relatively kid-friendly. I can't pretend that I am able to have any kind of a sophisticated home with three kids tearing it apart, so why try?

My old pillows. I'm liking my new ones so much more.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A couple more pillows

I am really having fun with the pillows for our living room. It's been great to try out new techniques on a small scale to see if I really like them first. I got my inspiration for both of these pillows from Red Pepper Quilts. I love her blog. She has some fabulous quilts.

Sorry these pictures are a bit dark. The quilting detail on the white gets blown out if I lighten them any more.

Inspiration for this pillow is found here: Red Pepper Quilts

This pillow is made from half-square triangles. I'm really thinking I'd like to make a quilt to match.

My inspiration for this pillow: Red Pepper Quilts

The quilting was a bit tricky on this one. I almost quilted it with white thread just so my mistakes wouldn't be so obvious, but I'm really glad I did blue thread.

I miscalculated my measurements for the back of this pillow, and it barely closes. It bugs me that I didn't fix it before putting the binding on, but now I'm not really in the mood to tear it all off so it might stay this way.