Monday, May 24, 2010

Hexagon Pillow

There is always a wonderful feeling when you finish a project that has been in the works for a while. This pillow was no different. This is where all those hexagons where headed. I'm truly happy about how this pillow turned out because I had some serious doubts. As I started sewing my strips of hexagons together I was really wondering about my fabric choices. I just wasn't sure the combination was going to work out, but I figured I was stuck in the car for another 6 hours so I might as well just keep sewing. I'm so glad I did. When we got home, the hexagons were put aside for a couple weeks, but I pulled them out last week and finished this guy up. It's meant for the living room, but I admit I'm a little worried about putting in reach of three crazy kids. I really love it.

Again, the pattern is in the first issue of Fat Quarterly e-magazine.

My quilt group would be proud of me. I hand-stitched this binding which is not my norm. Doing the binding on the machine is much easier, but this definitely looks better.

Another fabulous and unplanned thing is that it perfectly fits the large pillow form I made a while ago. I just switched the covers.

I love these ducks!
I have another pillow cover in the works and three more in my head. Pretty soon I'll be retiring my red and brown covers for new, summery bright ones. Although, once again, no one told the weather it's supposed to be summer. It is snowing again this morning.

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