Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decorating--first attempt

Here are a few attempts to add child-proof decorations to add a bit of color to our house. I was going for blue and orange, but added yellow and green as well. I raided our basement for a few items I took down when Miss C got tall enough to grab them. They have been sitting in the basement ever since. We have limited space to actually decorate out of reach of children.

I really love texture balls, but they aren't exactly realistic with kids, but I bought a few and added them to some I already had and put them up high. This is how our ledge above the coat closet looks now. The blue glass bottle with the stopper and the blue glass ball are from my grandma's house. I absolutely love them. They completely remind me of her, and it was fun to put them out. I'm not sure how I got lucky enough to inherit them when she and my grandpa passed away.

The bowls and jar of lemons and limes are from Tai Pan Trading. The wood plate is actually a $6 IKEA bamboo bowl I stained up to look like a $75 one I saw at Quilted Bear. The wood carving is from my sister when she was in Ghana.

Still lots of work to do. I plan to make some new pillow covers for the couch pillows as well as changing the curtains. I'm also thinking about being adventurous and painting our guest bathroom but that might be a couple months down the road. I have to paint over dark red walls so the paint could be 1/2 inch thick before I finally get it covered.

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