Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Verna Whirly-Gig Quilt

I have been working on this quilt for the past few weeks and love it. I love the fabric and the design turned out so fun. It was a great change from my black and white quilt I was working on before. I decided to try taking pictures of it outside today. It proved a bit challenging to keep the quilt off the gross, wet ground, but it's so much more fun to take the pictures outside. The colors from the outside pictures are much truer than the inside picture.

I recently bought a new sewing machine more specifically for quilting. This was my first quilt I quilted on my new machine, and I love it. It's so much easier and bigger than my old machine. I finished the quilting on this faster, and I think I did a better job on it than any previous quilts.

I used the tutorial on Strandz to put this quilt together.

I copied the quilt back from Film in the Fridge, my absolute favorite quilt blog.

First of all, one full view picture inside.

I'm trying to take a break from sewing for a few days to get our lives back in order around here. After dealing with sickies for a month, I feel like our house is a wreck and I'm behind of lots of little things. That doesn't mean I'm not thinking about quilting through. I'm devising a plan to use that super fun umbrella fabric from my last post. I also have several other ideas I'm working out in my head. I have a new round of quilting books pouring in from the library as well to give me new ideas. This is getting a bit out of hand.

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