Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Messenger Bag

I took a small break from quilting yesterday and made this new messenger bag. I have been working on a quilt that was a great idea in my head, but it's not working out exactly as I planned. I needed a break from it--a break that may be indefinite.

For a while now I have wanted a smaller bag that would be hands free so I wasn't trying to hold onto a purse and a couple kids at the same time. A messenger bag is perfect because you wear it across your body rather than just over a shoulder.

I found this great tutorial at mmmcrafts. Check out some of her other links on the messenger bags she has made. I copied the key holder idea from another bag. It wasn't included in the tutorial.

I cut out the fabric while the kids played in the kitchen. Then I sewed almost the whole bag during naptime. It is super simple and comes together really easily. I love it. Ryan was really impressed too. He even asked me to make him a matching one (although, I'm pretty sure he wasn't serious).

There are only two things I would do differently. I should have used stiffer interfacing--I would have preferred really stiff. The other thing is that I would have cut the lining about 3/4 inch shorter than the body. In her tutorial she tells you to cut them the same length, but the lining doesn't lay completely smooth inside because it's just a bit too long. Other than that I'm really excited to try this out.

My younger sister helped me pick out the fabric. She doesn't particularly like sewing and doesn't get excited about fabric stores like I do, but she does have great taste in fabric. I'll even make her a bag like this if she buys the fabric and lets me keep the scraps as payment.

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