Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hope Valley Quilt

I quilted my Hope Valley quilt this weekend. I am so happy to have this one done. I love it. I definitely learned some things on this one-- I don't have a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance, and I need a brush up on my math skills. Both of these led to some frustration and material stretching and even a bit of cutting. Quilting covers lots of mistakes though.

I got my inspiration here: Red Pepper Quilts

Here is the back. I originally planned for the border to be the outer border on the front, but decided that would be too much.

My current project...This star has been the source of great frustration around here. It started out as an experiment with no final plan. It's my first attempt at diamonds and is certainly not perfect. I have changed my mind on what to do with this crazy thing many times and almost gave up when I sewed the whole thing together I realized I had some serious issues as it wasn't exactly flat. The center of the star bulged out a lot, but after 1/2 bottle of spray starch and a lot of ironing, I think we're good to go. I have a plan.


  1. I love your version of the Bricks and Stones Quilt, particularly that you have used the pieced border on the back of the quilt rather than the front.



  2. It is a great quilt. How big is it?

  3. AWESOME quilt! I saw it in your little "LinkWithin" thumbnails at the bottom of today's post. LOVED the picture. Had to check out the post. Months ago, I saw pics online (probably the same Red Pepper post!) and I made a couple of similar (but simpler) baby quilts for friends. I LOVE the "floating" checkerboard look that makes up the center.

  4. I would love to make a quilt like this, and would love to not reinvent the wheel! I know what you mean about trying to figure out the math! Do you have any tips to share about measurements? Are the small squares in the middle 1"? Love it!